iPod I have Jeff's iPod, but I don't know who Jeff is.


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Aug 28, 2006
My parents have always had problems with technology. Even the idea of a DVD player recalled bitter memories of the VHS/Betamax fight and the notion that small round discs that store movies would be nothing more than an unadopted fad. The iPod, however, had a clear purpose and advantage:
"All my music on a rechargable deck of cards."

Early last year, I spent some time getting their each of their libraries in order and then they were on their way. My dad especially was in love with his little toy, but quickly learned it didn't love him back. While it was never subjected to any abuse, twice he found this iPod locking up on a track rendering it unable to be plugged in, turned off or reset. The little music player would just keep spinning the hard drive until its battery gave up. Both times the iPod went back.

This past Spring, the problem returned and the result was the same. Back to the Genius Bar at the local Apple store. On that particular day, the support queue was backed up and people were grumpy, but the fix was simple. They took my father's iPod, replaced it with another and sent him on his way. It was, literally, a 30 second transaction.

Once home, my dad tried to set up the player himself but eventually just left it on my desk until I returned home myself to handle it, which was last week.

I tried the plugging the iPod into my firewire connection, then a USB and finally a wall charger. Nothing. No helpful icons on the screen, no hard drive spinning up.

Back to the Apple store...

The technician there had no luck either and frowned when he put the serial number in. It seems that the iPod was out of the 90 day parts warranty. "Already?" I asked, referencing the 2 prior replacements, as well. "Well I only have this one replacement in our system along with your two computer systems." This caught my interest considering that my dad uses a Dell and owns no other Apple produces. Certainly, I had to ask who's profile he had. The genius went out to explain that there was an iPod registered to a Jeff (Last Name Withheld for now) and replaced April 30th.

After discussing the issue with them for a half-hour, you can see where this issue is going...

There was once a broken iPod owned by a guy named Jeff and he brought it into the Apple store where it was swapped. His broken iPod was then handed off to my father as a replacement for his a few weeks later. The Apple employees denied that this could have ever occured and insist that Jeff is either a friend / co-worker who unknowingly helped by Dad setup us his iPod, or that I obtained Jeff's iPod through "other means" and was trying to get a clean one. Certainly they also took note that due to the last transaction date they had on that serial number, it was just out of warranty, too.

So now I have Jeff's iPod and am pondering what to do with it....

Any suggestions, especially entertaining ones, are invited.


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Sep 3, 2004
London, UK
Way to hijack the thread, guys.
Anyway, to the OP, that is really terrible and you should talk to a store manager and let them know what happened. For an Apple store employee to screw up this way and then blame it on you, leaving you with someone else's broken iPod, is completely unacceptable. Go as high up as you need to and keep raising a fuss until someone rectifies the problem. Good luck.


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Jun 14, 2006
MattyMac said:
That's awesome...has anyone ever gotten a response or anything nice out of Steve Jobs due to emailing. That would be sweeeeeeet!
Yes, MacMadAnt showed me an email he got from Steve the other day, regarding the iSub problem in Tiger. It simply said "We're working on it - Steve".

Seems like a busy man's email to me! :)


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Aug 28, 2006
Hey everyone. Thanks for the feedback!

My history with Apple is really quite colorful due to a year-long product dispute that ended a few months back. Eventually, I pissed off enough people there that they let me only talk to one guy from Apple Executive Relations for all my problems. I could call regular tech support, I'd give them the serial number, they would send me right over to the same assclown without pause. He challenged me to find someone else at Apple that would talk to me about the issue, subsequently lost and was replaced with somebody that could address the issue. I can assure you that the method that was used brought about some interesting stories. ($5 to anyone who get a copy of my customer profile :) )

Truth be told, I'd prefer not to go down that route again. Apple charges a premium for most of their products and therefore should expect, in kind, customers who demand exceptional levels of quality and service from them.

Since their standard routes aren't helping, I'd like to be as creative as possible with this little brick sitting on my desk. Perhaps it might elevate their thinking :)


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Jul 8, 2004
Go back into the store, ask for a manager and do NOT accept no for an answer. Explain your issue to the manager and insist that the Genii are of no help.
They should give you a replacement very quickly.


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Jun 14, 2006
Or even better, take the iPod to the police, and say you were sold a stolen item. ;)


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Aug 23, 2006
Beaverland Hills, OR
GaseousPlatypus said:
It's not stolen -- you sign a waiver when you give in anything to be repaired.
If it were me, and I was refused a replacement by the store - I'd threaten to "take action" once.

If nothing was done, I'd proceed to the store in the middle of the night, and paint the panels of the store windows in a red, green, blue and yellow pattern. I wish I had time to Photoshop that.. I think I just made myself giggle.


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May 7, 2005
Glasgow, Scotland
Speak to the manager. Find the person who served you that day. Most likely the newly repaired iPod will be in his back pocket. I don't know if you have a Tradings Standard type thing where you live, but go to somewhere like that and tell them what happened. If you go to court you will win, and be awared lawyers fees.


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Jul 27, 2004
Chicago, IL
I had something similar happen to me, except it worked. It might just be a refurb they give out as a replacement, which I believe they do sometimes, and it was skipped over for "refreshing".


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Aug 24, 2006
calgary, alberta
wow.... that's pretty unfortunate... sorry to hear it.

in any case i think the most logical thing to do is change your name to jeff (last name withheld!;) ) ... or perhaps you can just go to the apple store and educate them as to how nicely a smooth-edged ipod would fit up their ass. (me, personally? i'd opt for option 2 as i have a very low tolerance for bad service):mad:

it's unbelievable to me sometimes what stores try and get away with... instead of even entertaining the possibility that the problem might be on their end or that THEIR wires may have gotten crossed... the onus is always put on the consumer... YOU broke your ipod... YOU'RE the reason it isn't working... it's YOUR fault!!!! sorry for rambling... i've just had some really bad experiences with stubborn store clerks and bad customer service policies in the past.

in any case... i would suggest that you contact the better business bureau (or it's equivalent whereever it is that you're located) and see if they can help you out... and if they can't (dare i say), i suggest you boycott the store and/or the product and contact the local media! it's unbelievable how effective a bit of bad publicity can be when trying to resolve these matters. i'm sure they'd much rather deal with one unhappy customer than risk harming their good reputation (assuming it is a good one).

good luck with it... let us know how you make out!



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Jan 25, 2002
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Moria said:
Speak to the manager. Find the person who served you that day. Most likely the newly repaired iPod will be in his back pocket.
I tend to think people coming in with hot items wanting clean ones are more the norm than Apple Store employees stealing Apple merchandise...especially iPods.


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Jun 29, 2005
New Jersey
I can end this all right now!

My name is Jeff, and Apple lost my iPod. Sent me a PM and I'll be happy to collect my iPod from you. :D :p


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Feb 10, 2006
While I have no advice beyond going in and chewing the ear off the manager (and bringing a huge-box-o-documents like credit card bills, receipts from the orignal ipod purchase, and any applecare docs you have, as well as maybe a passport and drivers liscence just to prove that you are you and that you are not jeff. It also shows them that you are willing to hand them your real identity in case they want to call the cops and check you out. It may seem a bit excessive but its better to prepaired than have jeff's ipod forever.), I would like to say that I hope this situation gets sorted out for the better, and I also ask that you keep us updated!


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Jul 29, 2006
where is the reciept your dad signed when they replaced his broken ipod with "Jeff's"? During a normal swap of any broken ipod, after inputing your serial # into their data base the genius always takes out a replacement and scans in all the new info of that replacement into your statistics which they keep on file. as you said this was not the first ipod replacement you recieved, so if it was handled any different red flags should have been flying.
without that reciept I don't think that anyone is gonna help you,especially since a few months have gone by since the swap was made.