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I have passcode, but iPhone is disabled, HELP!



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Nov 19, 2008
I have the phones passcode but my son exceeded the max attemps on the passcode, now it says "iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes" that's the big problem. We are out of the country and dont have a way to sync it to its original iTunes computer until about 1 month from now. Is there any way to get the passcode entry screen back up? or is there something else I can do?I have a lot of info and contacts to get to. Thanks!


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Oct 25, 2008
At least you can make and receive calls ;) .

After searching around the old internet, it looks as if you have two options:

1-Connect the iPhone to a computer it's paired with (which you can't do)

2-Use a different computer to restore the iPhone (thus erasing all the information on the phone, which you don't want to do)

Sorry for the bad news.

Might you be using an Exchange server or MobileMe for your contacts/calendar/ect...?

If so, you could restore your phone and then set up the Exchange server to bring your contacts/calendar/ect... back to your phone.

By the way, it takes at least 2 hours and 26 minutes to lock up your phone like this. 1 minute lock, 5 minute lock, 15 minute lock, 60 minute lock, 60 minute lock...
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