I have Quadro 3000FX for PC, work in MacPro?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by dysert, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. dysert macrumors regular

    Sep 4, 2006
    I have a Mac Pro on order and was wondering if this card might work in the Mac Pro? Thanks.
  2. Chundles macrumors G4


    Jul 4, 2005
    Not under Mac OSX. There are no Mac drivers for that card. If it's a PCIe card it'll probably work in Windows though.
  3. YoYoMa macrumors 6502

    Aug 3, 2006
    We have got to figure out a way to get standard cards to work in OSX!
  4. stapler macrumors member

    Sep 3, 2006
    There won't be a way, ever, to have a normal PC card work on a Mac in both Windows and Mac OS X. It has to have two sets of firmware on it, one for OS X and one for Windows, and the firmware chips on standard PC cards are too small for both, so if you were able to get Mac OS X firmware on it, it would only work in Mac OS X. And then there's the drivers issue.

    There's no magic bullet to "make it all work".

    EDIT: saw the MacNN deal, pretty interesting! But that still requires that there be drivers fro that series of cards, so if Nvidia releases an 8800GTX, we won't have support for it.

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