I have snow leopard & leopard <both to upgrade to Lion>

Discussion in 'macOS' started by Mazenat, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. Mazenat, Oct 15, 2011
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    Mazenat macrumors member

    Nov 21, 2010
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    I have a laptop and an iMac.

    • My iMac is Quad-Core i7 4GB Ram. It has Snow Leopard, which means the App Store is installed.
    • My MacBook Air is Core 2 Duo 1.8 2GB Ram. It is the first generation MacBook Air. It has Leopard (10.5.8), which does not have the App Store.
    I want to upgrade both to Lion.
    1. First, can the MacBook Air handle the new upgrade, or will it be too heavy for it?
    2. Second, What is the cheapest way to upgrade both to Lion? in Other words, do I need to purchase the Snow Leopard to MacBook Air, then upgrade it to Lion?
    Have a wonderful day
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