I have soooo many questions.....

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by kitki83, Oct 4, 2006.

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    But iam going to limit it to two questions only :D

    1. Anyone has good entry level and beyond Maya and After Effects tutorial websites?
    (Website that specialize on each of those two programs not a Tutorial website of all design programs, got those already)

    2.Can anyone share their Organization system for their designs files
    like naming files, how they organize their folders with designs files and how to separate designs, EX. Freelance, Company #1, Company #2, Company #3, Artwork, School Designs. Just want to create some sort of system bec I feel my system is too time consuming.

    Thank you
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    There are tons of ways to name your files. It seems like everyone has their own method. My way: Assign a project number for everything you work on. Also have descriptors of what you are looking at. Here's an example of my file naming structure:

    Folder: 607130_TR_Kelloggs_CNB

    607130: The project numbers run sequentially - one for each different project.
    TR: Means "Table Runner," a kind of POS that my company produces
    Kelloggs: The client
    CNB: The brand (Crunchy Nut Bars)

    In that folder each associated file has the same naming conventions like:

    "pkg" means "package." saved as a tiff file.

    "KEY" means "keyline" an old graphics term that implies that the file is production-ready.

    We usually also color label projects from start to finish green, yellow, red, etc. It helps us to visually see where we are with elements of any given project.

    etc. I think you get the point - yes?

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