I have Wireless Backups Working w/Time Machine!


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Jul 27, 2007
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Hey guys... got this working last night and wanted to share how to do it for anyone else who wants to do wireless backups for their laptop(s):

500GB FW400 backup drive connected to my Mini (would work with any desktop)

-Turn on File Sharing for both (or all) computers

-Open finder and connect to your desktop as a registered user (need to set this up beforehand, obviously)

-Laptop should now see the remote drive as a usable TM backup drive. It did want to do a new full backup (as the BUD has a new drive ID since it is not directly connected). I let it do this overnight, and now TM is doing backups as it would if I were directly connected to the drive.

Performance Review:
I noticed no real "lag" when browsing the internet while a backup is running. A large file transfer slowed only a little during the backup, then resumed normal speeds after the backup finished.

Anyone else have another way to do this? I know not everyone has a desktop they could use, and TM doesnt work with an airdisk at the moment.
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