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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by jc0481, Nov 28, 2009.

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    Mar 16, 2005
    So I am a 28 year old man working through a staffing agency. They assigned me at FedEx Smartpost. My first day was November 7. It's a pretty new building. I'm thinking they took over the building and refurbished it to fit FedEx systems. Anyways I am an unloader and when I am done I help out in the palletizer area.

    The palletizer's just grab it from the conveyor's and read the label from the package and match it up with the pallet they are putting it on. The packages on the pallet's need to have each layer level and even all around. No staircases.

    So about a week ago the Operations Manager appointed a team lead for the unloaders no it's not me. I'm not upset about that by the way.

    A few days ago he called me over and gave me a little review. He tells me "The manager and I had a review on you. I said "ok?" You are doing fine but you need to pick up the pace a bit more. Mind you I thought I was doing a bang up job. Since most of the time that I partner up with someone unloading the trucks the scanners have to stop the line since they can't keep up we move pretty fast for them. Also when they ask me if I want to take a water break I tell them "hell no" and I keep on working while some of the other guys go get some water.

    He goes on and since we will be increasing the volume and if you are not doing a good enough job you will probably be sent to the palletizer's area. Not his exact words but a summary. He then does a comparison. I really hate it when I get compared to other co-workers.

    He said "look at the two new guys. "They are rocking it out." Those two new guys have just been there three days. He pretty much said I need to be better than them since I have been there longer. Maybe they emanate confidence better than me. I don't know. I can see his point but I don't think three days is long enough to judge somebody on how well they are doing. You never know. I have seen guys that are doing very well in the beginning but end up not caring after a month or two. All depends on the person.

    Another thing that pisses me off is when he said "but don't take this personal". I said "I know and I understand". I am 28 years old and not sure how old the lead is I would say around mid-twenties. When he said that he acted like this job was one of my first jobs. Of course I am not going to take it personal. I just wish I knew on how to respond back to him for standing up to myself but also being respectful and professional at the same time. Maybe someone here can help me in this area.

    I learned a long time ago when I walk in on the job I know to leave my personal life outside. Everybody just keeps to themselves and everybody is so new to each other no new co-worker friends I can tell this to. So I am reaching out to you guys. I actually feel much better now that I am typing this out.

    By the way I am only staying through Christmas. I am going to look for another warehouse or general labor position. I am quitting because I do need insurance and I can't get it on my own due to a preexisting condition. I have uveitis in my right eye. Right now it's dormant but I feel the more time I delay it without getting looked at the worse it will be.

    So any words of advice, encouragement or anything else is all welcome. Thanks for hearing me out.
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    Dark Castle
    Good that you have a job, and you have the outlook to get something better.
    Avoid fighting, keep your honor and values together.
    Focus all your energy into planning what you have to do to reach your goals and work towards them. See every opportunity as a way to make progress, keep up and do your homework.
    Try to see the positive, see how this situation can make you a better person.
    Good luck.
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    Jan 9, 2004
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    Also you seem like a reasonably clever person... have you ever thought about any kind of voc rehab or training? Now I don't know you, obviously, but you sound like you could do better than unskilled labor.
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    Personally, I think the moment may have passed to approach your manager about the appraisal. But if you feel you are doing fine, just keep at it, and explain your feelings if it comes up again, like you have here.

    I didn't feel as though that was a rant at all, it was a very coherent account of how you felt and what happened.

    But like the other guys says, it's good you have employment, and from your attitude to it all it seems like you work hard and will continue to despite the less-than-glowing appraisal.. and again, if you're not going to be there too long, keep focused and looking toward what you want to do.

    Stick in there!
  5. Zombie Acorn macrumors 65816

    Zombie Acorn

    Feb 2, 2009
    Toronto, Ontario
    If a manager ever said the phrase "rocking it out" to me I would go find a job that didn't hire 20 year olds for managers.
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    Mar 16, 2005
    First off this is why I love the Apple community. All of you gave me respect and understanding. I really appreciate that. I never expected this kind of response by the way.

    In regards to the extra training or voc rehab. I actually thought about that. The only place that will do that for me right now is the community college.I think. Right now I am going to school with a online university. Kaplan University.
    Things are kind of tight right now because of Christmas and need to fix up our Mazda in order to have it registered. Not sure on how I would pay for the training right now. I would have to wait till January or February sometime next year.

    Does anybody know any good websites or books that can looks at your personality and other traits to determine what the best career would be in your life?

    @Zombie Acorn

    You make a very good point. My plan is to stick with this job and find another one in the mean time. I am not sure on how old the team lead is but I would say between 20-26 years old.
  7. McGiord macrumors 601


    Oct 5, 2003
    Dark Castle
    For job search this is the best I have used:

    It also has a forum where you can have some ideas about some companies and their work environment.

    About your career choices: you are in the USA and even everyone is talking abut unemployment and a recession, this is the country where you can make a living doing what you love to, so jut take these days to identify what you are really passionate about and see what kind of job opportunities are out there.

    Recently I hear that a great company to work for is Netflix, check them out also.

    Good luck.

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