I know it's a little early re iOS 11 (what devices get support?)

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Do you think the 5/5C iPhones will get iOS 11?

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  1. Yes, after all the 4S got four years of support!

  2. No, too old

  3. Who cares

  1. Atomic77 macrumors regular


    Jul 8, 2017
    West Bend Wisconsin
    I thought everything was 64bit that came out in these last few years.???
  2. Vivian125 macrumors regular


    May 19, 2017
    iOS 11(2017-2018)
    iPhone 5S or newer
    iPod Touch 6th Gen or newer
    iPad Mini 2 or newer
    iPad Air or newer
    iPad 5Th gen or newer

    iOS 12(2018-2019)
    iPhone 6 or newer (maybe 5S won't get, cuz it's still clocked 1.3Ghz, also no NFC, no volte, not power efficient just like the iPhone 5..both 5 and 5s is 1.3Ghz aanyways)
    iPod Touch 6Th Gen or newer
    iPad Mini 3 or newer
    iPad Air 2 or newer (The air is always been laggy since iOS 7, it's one of the incomplete iDevice example: lacks Touch ID)
    iPad 5th Gen or newer

    iOS 13(2019-2020)
    iPhone 6S or newer (6 did not get cuz of Ram limitation)
    iPad Mini 4 or newer ( the mini 3 won't Same as 6, cuz of still 1gb ram)
    iPad Air 2 or newer
    iPad 5 or newer

    iOS 14(2020-2021)
    iPhone 7 or newer
    iPad Pro 10.5" or newer

    iOS 15(2021-2022)
    iPhone 8/X or newer

    Nothing Last Forever, Just like "Allucard Says" in Mobile Legends.

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