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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by jblack215, Feb 10, 2014.

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    A couple parts got the date 08, but when I ran another number, I got that I have a 2009 white MacBook. It was given to me and I was told the screen does not come on. I repair and build PCs, but know almost nothing about Apple, except the guts is no different. So I opened it up. I found that it had no RAM. So I popped a stick in and BOOM, got a bright display. But however it was just a blank gray, or looking closer it could of been white. So just that white screen, no chimes, and no logo. The power button worked, so I assume the keyboard does. I tried PRAM reset, SMC, holding down option, holding down shift, holding down eject, etc., but no response. I got nothing. The processor is SLGE3 2.0GHz, which further confirmed the '09 model. So Apple guys, do you agree I need a new logic board. I checked all connections too. Also I should mention that when I tried to put a CD in the slot it wouldn't take it. I heard a sound once as if there was one in it, but the eject key never spit nothing out. So I 'm wondering is my board gone:(

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    Yup, sounds dead to me.
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    What kind of RAM did you put in? I know the Early 2008 will only boot with 667MHz DDR2, I've tried 800MHz and it's a no go. There is also a Late 2008 model that is the non unibody model that was still shipping that should be the same.

    Also there is the Early 2009 model (5,2) that also uses 667MHz (PC2-5300) but has the 9400m in it.

    Then there is the Mid 2009 model that uses 800MHz RAM.

    So you may check what speed the RAM is that you put in first, and see what model the serial number shows up as. If it is 2.0GHz than it is probably the Early 2009 (DDR2 667, 9400M) since the '08 was 2.1GHz or 2.4GHz, and the mid '09 is 2.13GHz.
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    When it had no RAM installed, would it beep loudly when you powered it on?

    If not then it's definitely a failed logic board. During POST the installed RAM is checked, if it's not found or is found to be faulty the Mac emits loud error tones. If the Mac doesn't beep when there's no RAM then it's not even making it all the way through the POST tests, which would indicate a hardware failure. See this article for more info - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2341

    Beyond that I would try some component isolation. Try disconnecting all non-essential components. Hard drive, optical drive, bluetooth, airport, etc. If the Mac powers on properly and eventually shows a flashing folder icon then one of those components is likely causing the failure. Work backwards, reconnecting each component and re-testing, until it fails again.
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    Yea it's early 2009. I know I put in I believe 667MHz.


    I'll try that before going to the extreme and replacing the board. I didn't think of that, but neither did I think a small component such as the DVD drive or wireless card would cause the board not to boot. But being you guys saying silence is almost indefinitely a bad board, I figure I have no choice to to accept is as dead. I have to order a charger, and won't bother checking back with the results, cause if it doesn't work then I know the board is dead.



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