I let myself go again.....

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by macgeek18, Mar 7, 2017.

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    So I was in an Intel only phase and didn't power on the PPCs for awhile. Well I booted up my iMac G4 and was playing an old game on it and got tired of the lag with only 768MB of RAM in that old girl. It's a 1Ghz G4 my most powerful PPC except for the eMac 1.42 that barely gets used. Well I went off the deep end on OWC and ordered 2GB of RAM for the iMac and 2GB RAM for the eMac and put the eMac in the bedroom. I even ran a 150' ethernet cable to the bedroom from my desk to the dresser for the eMac and ordered a USB wireless keyboard and mouse for it. So I put my entire DVD collection on an external drive and plugged it in and hooked up some speakers to it. So now I can watch movies on the eMac and just waiting for the RAM to arrive. Also ordered a dual 2.7 G5 and RAM upgrades for that for my main PPC setup at my desk. my wife is thrilled..... The only bummer is to justify the G5 I told my wife I was going to get rid of the parts iMacs I have. So goodbye to the ten variously messed up Intel iMacs in the closet. I love PPC. I started with them and I can't just let go of how amazing they are.
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    If you have spare iMac Intel parts, you may be wise to put them in the MarketPlace forum. You never know, someone may be interested. And please your wife too for making a few extra dollars.
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    These days with the LCS leaks, and my not wanting to rebuild another one, I opt for the best Air Cooled system I could get. Early 2005 dual 2.0GHz is what I ended up with. Free at that, which was nice!

    Enjoy the eMac more my friend! Hope you got one of those cool acrylic swivel stands for it!

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