I lost My Patient

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    Feb 4, 2012
    How Did I Lose My Patient?Last week my iphone fell out of the clip holder in the parking lot on the way into the 49er game. It had the rubber protective thing and the plastic screen protector on the face. I called the phone after the game and was lucky enough to get the phone back the next day. I had called the phone a few times and the guy answered. When I got the phone back it was working perfectly. I received texts and phone calls no problem. I checked every icon on the screen and all responded correctly. I checked my camera and noticed it was fogged up, do to the drizzle during the game. That night I checked my battery and decided not to charge it until the moisture was gone and the camera was clear. The battery died during the night. The next day I took it to the IT guy at work and explained what happened. He said "dont worry about it and he plugged it in." After it was fully charged the camera was perfectly clear again but now my phone wouldn't ring, it would only vibrate and I couldn't be heard when I answered it and I couldn't hear the caller speaking. Everything else still worked fine. Did something fry because it was charged while moisture was still in it, or was there a delayed reaction? The iPhone 4 was only 4mo. old. Any Help? Thanks.
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    If your phones failed due to moisture ingression then theres nothing that can help.

    Maybe it will right itself or maybe it won't.

    Maybe you'll buy a replacement or maybe you won't !!
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    Feb 4, 2012
    Thanks Bob. I paid almost $500.00 for a new one. Why would it work fine for a day and a half then malfunction?

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