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Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Ds6778, Oct 26, 2016.

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    I can't really understand how Apple gets away with their storage offerings. I mean, I get enticing customers to opt for the higher storage options. It seems like it's more obvious then ever, especially with IOS devices. Last year we had 16-64 and iPads Pros were 32-128... seems like an obvious "gouge." I can't imagine any other company selling a "pro device" with 32GB and getting away with it. Yes, to their credit they went to 32 for all iOS devices (I think). I think 64 would be more suitable but I understand the need to entice consumers. Also, their Macs. 128? Really? For a 1,300$ Pro device and around 111gb usable. That's crazy. Anyone else feel this way? I love apple and buy almost everything but this always kind of bothered me lol
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    I somewhat agree with your post. There are times I wonder why Apple elects to put in certain parts related to storage that really don't do the customer well in terms of cost of item - examples of course being any Mac computer with 5400 rpm drives, higher end desktops and laptops with anything less than 256 gig.

    Then again, I don't think any computer with Apple's OS of late should have anything less than 8gigs of RAM. IF* all of these devices had access to the RAM easily, it might be a different story but to buy a Mac with 4 gigs of RAM and find out in a couple of months that the system is getting bogged down and an "upgrade fix" is not available really truly sucks on Apple's part. Someone might get a good fit and later choose to try some new app or hobby and their beautiful relatively new Apple computer chokes. Apple is a shameful company these days in its offerings.
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    When it gets really cheap for them to put a 256 GB or more flash storage in a Mac as a base, they'll probably do it. I remember my base 2006 MacBook Pro having a 120 GB drive, and then it going up from there. So it's nothing new. Can't say I'm looking forward to paying extra for more space, but that's the price I have to pay to not be tethered to an external hard drive. :(

    It's never going to be that way on iOS though. The only reason we're at 32 GB now is because you can't even shoot five minutes of 4K video without almost 2 GB of space being gone, so it's like you can't even decide if your next phone should be a 64 GB or higher, or to pay for the extra iCloud space - Which should be your only options, and not just to shoot lower quality and then not end up with any room for updates or your caches.
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    It would be cheap to put in a bigger SSD if they stopped use proprietary parts.

    I know newer models are soldered to board.
    But some models have removable SSDs but they are NOT mainstream connections it is apple own.

    If they say used mSata for example.
    But it is apple and we all know that aint gonna happen.
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    What gets me is Apple releases a pro type machine but limits it on purpose like memory because they'd rather focus elsewhere like (battery life) in Macbook Pros, when the competition has the right idea..

    Apple's lost focus with the Pro type industry in laptops, while not so on the desktop, When it comes to Macbook Pro's, they'd rather over performance and longevity over more memory and leave the extra memory where they think it's needed more which is for the 5K iMac's.

    That's not really consumers givin a choice. But this is Apple's playground after all.
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