I love FANS & Kernel Panics!

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by FSBW21086, Aug 18, 2008.

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    Mar 14, 2007
    I just got my macbook pro back from the apple store after a 2 week wa**KERNAL PANIC: RESTART**it. The tech called me and said they replaced the Logic Board, Superdrive and Hard Drive. When I picked up the machine the reciept only listed a HD repair and superdrive. Also was in for top case, latch and power button. The power button was the only thing fixed there, they said they forgot and will do it next time. Which will be tomorrow!

    Editing 1 file at a time in photoshop the fans are running 6000 RPMS constantly. Im in an air conditioned room. In the middle of this post I had the first kernel panic. This is awesome, just awesome. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Im thinking even though the tech told me he replaced the logic board, it is still broke.:confused::(
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    Mar 14, 2007
    Got the computer back from apple for a second time. They replaced a bunch more stuff but gave me 2 gb less ram then I checked the computer in with! (1gb rather than 3gb) After a week of calling I met one of the techs under the table and he gave me a 2gb apple stick.

    Here are what has been replaced on the computer.

    -Hard Drive
    -Apple 1gb ram module
    -New apple 2gb ram module
    -ALSO claimed on phone to replace the logic board, but I havent seen this on my receipt. I booted up the computer and surfed the web with firefox. Fans back at 6000 RPM 54 Degrees C. Is this normal behavior or should I take it in for a third time?

    I launched SMC fan control and managed to after 10 minutes of the fans going down to get the fans to 2000 RPM. CPU is still at 54?! Luckily I use the mac pro all day, otherwise I would be furious.

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    Jul 14, 2008
    This would be an appropriate time to calmly demand to speak to the manager.

    Please, be calm and polite, however. And I don't mean be curt and stern instead of yelling. I mean actually stay calm and civil. Remember, the employees at the Apple Store are human beings too. One thing I can't stand (or understand) is how people can abuse a person just because they work at a business. Many of these people wouldn't THINK of treating this same person (or any other stranger) this way if they met them on the street, but since they work a business that they are angered with, they get torn apart.

    Just go into the store, and explain to the first employee what you told us. Say politely that you are annoyed by the Genius Bar screwing up the repair, and that you would like the manager to explain what happened.

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