I love iOS 7, butterfly keyboards, dongles, flat design, form over function, etc.

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    I awoke this morning today of all days realizing I love all those things. I love having to work a little harder at exploring/guessing how to do certain things that used to be a bit more obvious.

    I love earning the right to understand something in iOS that used to be so lazily easy/obvious. That includes having to tap/swipe 2-3 times for something that used to take one tap/swipe.

    I love not being able to use my decades-old legacy headphones and 1/8” input audio hardware as easily as before, because nothing should provide useful, supportable, upgradable service longer than 4 years anyway.

    Which means I finally love the new sense of sacrifice and giving that comes with not being able to easily and economically expand my 4-year old MBA’s storage as my needs grow. I love not being able to charge my iPhone 8 and use my lightning jack earbuds simultaneously without having to buy a dongle and then ensure I tote it around to all the places I might find myself going in a given day.

    I also finally embrace Apple’s trend towards space-wasting overly simplified Apps/website layouts, as it’s resulted in increased index finger exercising I would not have otherwise gotten and inspired me to park in the furthest-most away parking space to get some increased exercise I would not have otherwise gotten, even if there were open spaces much closer and more convenient to the front door.

    I’m also eager now to try starting tonight to watch television/movies with the lights brightly on, inspired by how iOS 7 changed the default background of the iPhotos app to white from black (a true change for improved function and not change for the sake of change). Also I’m committing to painting all the walls of my house white, removing all the distracting frames from my wall photos and simply tacking the pictures to the wall, removing all wall switches behind drywall and going 100% to laggy apps, and configuring every room to look as much alike as possible.

    It may feel difficult at first to hide kitchen/bathroom sinks in a drawer, or add a mattress to the kitchen/baths, but what is life without at least some courage? Today is a great day to embrace all these things finally. I feel so darn courageous it’s blissful! Hope many of you share my sentiment that today of all days is the day to grow and maximize by minimizing!!
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    That would definitely be keeping with the “use more space than needed at times” credo of Apple since 2012, so I did just that.




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