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Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by corbywan, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. corbywan macrumors regular

    Feb 4, 2008
    Forest Grove, OR
    I just had two write a little something. I got a new AirPort Extreme(n) Base Station over the weekend and I just love it.

    I have Verizon DSL little Westell 327w is just an awful little box. Does the routing and wireless all in one which is fine, but you would set things one way and it wouldn't really do them. Plus, back in January I thought the wireless in my iMac died because it stopped connecting. I had to move my Westel to where the iMac was and run wire. For grins I put the card back in and after trying some tricks I learned here it started working again, but only for a bit. Off and on. Very frustrating.

    Then I got the idea to try and turn the Westel into a DSL bridge. No routing, no DHCP, just a dumb modem. After a few hours of testing and Googling, I finally found the trick. I wanted the AEBS to do all the heavy lifting, plus the TimeCapsul and printer sharing. Now it's al awsome, and the iMac connects flawlessly all the time.

    Anyway, had to share. Great little box!
  2. mathcolo macrumors 6502a

    Sep 14, 2008
    You're right, these things are GREAT...

    ...Until you begin experiencing Leopard AirPort dropouts. Then you practically hate them.

    I'm not trying to poop the party, and there are still some temporary fixes to this problem.
  3. kornyboy macrumors 68000

    Sep 27, 2004
    Knoxville, TN (USA)
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    I echo that. I love my time capsule. I'm glad that it is working well for you.
  4. corbywan thread starter macrumors regular

    Feb 4, 2008
    Forest Grove, OR
    Man! I apologize for my horrible typing skills above. That's what you get when it's way too late to be up typing!

    I would like to add that the only way I think this thing could be cooler is if it had an audio jack in it like the Airport Express. It's kind of a pain to have to plug in the external speakers to my laptop all the time. It would be very cool to just plug them into the base station on my desk and go from there.

    Can't have it all!
  5. Moof1904 macrumors 65816

    May 20, 2004
    I did the same thing with uVerse. It took the installer and Tier 2 tech support almost two hours to configure the uVerse uberwidget to be just a bridge and they kept trying to talk me into using the uverse as the router and wireless (it's only G, not N). Each time they'd suggest it, I'd say, "Does your uVerse box have gigabit ethernet? Does it have 802.11n?" They'd reply dejectedly, "no." And I'd reaffirm that I wanted to use the AEBS and they get back on the phone with their tech people and continue working.

    It was a long day, but it was worth it to have my AEBS running the show.

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