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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by dnbfiend2600, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. dnbfiend2600 macrumors newbie

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    My system discs were stolen when my house was broken into for the second time. :mad::mad::mad: If I ever need to reformat the HD, will the OS I buy at a store give me back all the goodies that came with the laptop (ilife and yadda yadda)

    Also, I recently got a 4 gig RAM upgrade from Crucial and Im not really noticing any performance difference. Ive got a tone of stuff on itunes and it seems to load just as long as it did before. I also have Photoshop CS4 and I dont see any changes there either. Ive got 121 gigs free on the HD, everything is updated and I have run the disc utility since the upgrade. Anything else I can do for it? Do any of you run any 3rd party system utilites or virus scanners?

    Thanks for the input

  2. eldy macrumors 6502

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    If you want to shorten initial load times you will have to install a faster HD. The next level up is a newer 7200 RPM HD. Another notch up is a SSD.
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    You're better off going to the Apple Store or buying another disc set for like $17, and they'll ship right to your door. Make sure you get the same discs you had before. (This should probably be on the MB Forum)
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    Or you can just call Apple directly to do the same and save the gas by skipping the trip to the Apple store. Just call up and tell them you need a set of "fulfillment" disks for your machine. They will ask for your serial number to insure that you get an identical set to what shipped with your Mac originally and will then ship them to you. They are normally a 2 disk set and the latest ones I ordered were $32 including shipping for the pair.

    EDIT: And BTW- in answer to your question about buying a retail OSX disk in the store- no, the retail disks do not contain the additional software that came pre-installed on your Mac. The System Restore/fulfillment disks do have that plus are about $100 cheaper!;)

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