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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by dylanlewis2000, May 27, 2012.

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    I just thought I would say hello at this point in time… I am typing this on an old PPC mac mini. I bought the mini a few years ago with the view to learn about macs. I didn’t pay a tremendous amount for it as It was end of line in my local Dixons (US equivalent is best buy) so I decided to snap it up. It sat unused and pretty much unloved as it only had 256mb of ram and came with OSx 10.3 so it was already out of date. When I went to put programs on it, it would complain that it needed 10.4 or above, so this put me of a little. After owning the mac for a few years I spoke to a friend at university who was a mac addict and explained my predicament.

    I bought a leopard disk off Ebay and one night we took the 256mb stick out and replaced it with a 512mb, it was like a new machine. I could now put applications and the like on it and just watch it go! My enthusiasm was short lived however as most of my degree and masters work needed windows machines, and as windows would not run on my little PPC, my little mac was put to rest in the corner for the foreseeable future.

    Fast forward a few years and I was looking for a new laptop. I decided to purchase a macbook pro. This was an awesome machine up until the point it developed a wireless fault that no one could fix. I had insurance on the mac and after a long argument with the company they paid me out and I bought a cheap Dell whilst I wait for the new Mac book airs to come.

    This weekend whilst cleaning I found my mac mini! As it had been a few years since it was used last I had a few spare parts lying around. I have upgraded the HDD and put a 100GB IDE in her, and I have replaced the ram and she is now running at 1GB. The only down side is that the BIOS no longer keeps time even after replacing the bios battery.

    For an old machine it sure is great! When I purchased my macbook pro I had office 2008 thrown in so I have just put that on her. I have done all the various tweeks, stopping spotlight, making the dock dull and boring, getting rid of any intel code etc and I have to say, for a machine that is as old as this, its amazing.

    So that’s my tale of wo! Is there any other apps that I should be looking out for?
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    Between my Powermac G3 blue and white and my MacBook Pro in 2006, I had a 1.25GHz Mac Mini and was super disappointed in it. It just felt so slow even from day 1. I was really under-impressed with how it ran Tiger and the underpowered little Radeon 9200 was useless for any type of gaming. A good friend had picked up a 1.42GHz eMac the same year and I really regretted not getting one of those instead. I think the maximum of 1GB of RAM was really a great example of Apple being skimpy as ever with RAM.
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    Glad to hear these older mini's still have some viable life in them. :D My first experience with a mini is my 2011 i7. However I love ppc machines. (Typing this on the lappy in my sig). I have been so impressed with my mini and my ppc's I have started to look for a ppc and c2d mini for my collection of everyday use macs.
    Congrads you have finally found a use for a great machine!:D:apple::D

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