I love my Quicksilver 2002, but...

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    You can probably surmise this much about me already:

    1. People call me 'Lowen Mac'. (Actually, I am Lowen Mac's poorer cousin, but you can call me 'Lowen Mac' -that's okay.)

    2. My processing demands are modest indeed!

    3. It is time for me to get a new(er) computer.

    To those things you have already surmised, let me add these:

    4. My income does not depend on my Mac. (Blissfully, something that does not exist does not depend on anything at all. Try it, sometime.)

    5. I'm not a gamer. Visual input will probably be great fun, when I get some. In the meantime, however, audio has been very satisfying. (And yes, I do mean that tiny one-inch speaker in front -don't say nothing bad about my baby!)

    How do I love thee, Quicksilver 2002? Let me count the ways...

    6. I love how I can get inside, and back out, in sixty seconds or less.

    7. I love how I can swap your parts out, and figure out which ones work.

    8. I love how adaptable you have been, from OS 9 all the way up to OS 10.5.8!

    9. I love how reliable you have been, these past twelve years. You have always been there for me!

    10. I love how I can install, and re-install, and re-install... -until I finally get it right!

    11. I still love you, Quicksilver, but my needs have changed.

    Actually, sweetheart, my needs haven't changed that much, but operating systems and software have changed. Times have changed. I feel the need to catch up with the times.

    I don't need to catch up with *the modern times* of course. However, perhaps I could catch up with mid-2010. If not this year, maybe next...

    So now I turn to you for advice, Miss Manners -I mean: Mac Rumors. Yes, Mac Rumors, I turn to you for advice. What do you suggest?

    I very much like the tower format, for the reasons I have listed. My processing demands are very modest, but I want to be adaptable: forward adaptable and backward adaptable. Somebody told me that there was a "sweet spot" somewhere around June 1, 2010.

    I am a man of modest means. Amongst the ones and the zeros, let's just say this: I am not a one. However, I am willing to save, and I am willing to wait. My question to you, Mac Rumors, is this: which one should I look for?

    Somebody told me that I want a machine that was born on June 1, 2010; a machine with its original installation disks; a machine that shipped with nothing higher than OS 10.6.3.

    What do you think, Miss Manners -I mean, "Mac Rumors". Is that 'somebody' telling me the truth? Is the machine I am looking for born on-or-about mid-2010, with nothing higher than OS 10.6.3, with the original installation disks? And won't that be hard to find?

    I turn to you, Miss Manners -er, "Mac Rumors". You are my last hope. You are my first hope. You are my only hope, really...

    signed, Still In Love, But I Gotta Move On

    specs: PowerMac G4 Quicksilver 2002 933 MHz with 1.5 GBs RAM -it's nothing special...
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