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Discussion in 'iPad' started by tiptopp, Aug 23, 2011.

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    I've had iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 and iPad 2, as well as iMac and MacBook. And each one has had some small, or not so small, issue which needed the attention of a Genius. I've had software help, a new hard drive for the iMac, keyboard surround for the MacBook, and a replacement iPhone 4, 2 days before the end of warranty, because the home button was only working intermittently. And my ex has had two replacement iP4s in a month because of hardware problems.

    But now they have surpassed themselves. I had been talking to a colleague about his iPhone which had the yellow screen markings (very faint...) and was 60 days out of warranty. He was thinking of going to see a Genius to see if they'd replace it (they promised to, anytime, a year ago!). I complained to him about my iPad2, which had taken a fall, and had a blank 5mm x 20mm strip in one corner. He suggested going to see the Genius also... After all, they can only say "no"!

    So, he had an appointment there this morning. They took 10 minutes to have a "Its 60 days out of warranty, our flex is only 45 days, OK we'll do it anyway" conversation, and back he came with a brand new/reconditioned iP4.

    My appointment was later, so I went in, expecting to be given sympathy and little else. I explained what happened, pointed to the external case physical damage, and waited. And then the wonderful Genius said "Well, you know that physical damage isn't covered by the warranty. But as you were so unlucky, and it obviously didn't fall too far, I'm going to replace it for you. Is that OK?". I couldn't quite believe it. But 10 minutes later I walked out with a new iPad 2, although because it had iOS5 on it, it wouldn't go through the diagnostics programme that seems to be a mandatory part of the returns process.

    I worked for many years for an organisation that prides itself on customer service, and doing what is best for the customer rather than blindly following rules. We won awards and got endless positive feedback from customers for exactly that (and I actually feel really sorry for the boss whose house burnt down last night in the Caribbean...). But Apple beat them hands down on the consistency of the service that I've had from my local store. I doubted that they'd do too much business in the small city that I live in, but I'm so relieved that they're here. Not quite sure what I would have done if I'd had to rely on any other Apple retailers...

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    A few months ago my sister dropped her iPad 1 and shattered the screen. Since she uses it so much, her husband went and bought her an iPad 2 the very next day. A few weeks after that, she decided to get her original iPad fixed and give it to her granddaughter, because she heard it would just be about $200.

    She took it to the Apple store, asked to have the screen replaced. They went straight to the back and brought out a new iPad 1 for her at no charge !
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    Jul 8, 2011
    I typically hear great apple store stories. I have only heard one Horrible story. That was fixed once they traveled to a different store.

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