I love the iPhone and why!!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sWaltuo, Sep 7, 2007.

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    I really need to rant about some stuff so just stick with me first and then leave your comments second!! Thanks a billion!

    Ok so my story starts, I am a college student at Auburn University. Today was a day just like every other Friday, a day you can't wait to get over because you know a football game is tomorrow. Anyway .. i go to class at 8:00 and come home at 2:00 (yea I know, what a long Friday). Anyway me and my room mate are on our way home to find our door unlocked. I walk into my room and find that my tv and a few electronics are not there, so we call the police.

    Anyway ... to make a long story short, I work my ass of for my mac product because i absolutely love them and worship them! So when I came home to find that my 12in iBook, 17in Macbook Pro, 23in. Samsung LCD tv, 3 iPods (2 5G and 1 4G), 2 xbox (yes, the only microsoft product that i think they did a good job on), a nitendo wii, a ps3, and some other electronics were stolen you can only imagine the level of pissed off I was.

    Yes we had a officer come and file a police report and yes we have insurance. so hopefully we will get most everthing covered.

    Anyway, after the police and everything, I was sitting there thinking about how lucky I was (yes, I as a 19 yr old was lucky because I was given the abilities to have a job that would let me and my roommate afford these things). Both me and my roommate sat there and thought about how things could have been worse .. they could have taken this and that, etc. .... but really stuck in my mind was that the were not able to take my 24in iMac or my 8gb iPhone, or my roomates 8gb iPhone! I realized that even if all that stuff was taken, yeah I wouldnt be able to do as much as I would have before but I had the iPhone which did almost everything that we needed it too ...

    so I have always loved my iPhone and always will .. it has made a difficult sittuation turn into a situation that I can handle one step at a time

    Yea, maybe this is cheasy fanboy info .. but it really helped me through a tough situation where I was taken advantage of ...

    any comments ... please leave them
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