I made the right choice right?


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Dec 2, 2004
I went to the apple store this morning and purchased a 24" 2.4GHz iMac. I was gonna order online and order the upgraded CPU to 2.8GHz. But money was an issue and I don't do video editing or serious photo work either just basic and decided to get 1GB stick of RAM instead of the extra .4GHz. I plan to upgrade in 3-4 years hopefully, I might be married by then so maybe I should've gotten the extra CPU power:)

I did the right thing...no?


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Aug 11, 2007
I'm in the same boat, I got the 24" 2.4Ghz, with many posts of people getting the 2.8Ghz I wondered the same thing.

If money is not problem then yes 2.8Ghz (or may be at that point a Pro), but I have a really hard time justifiying $2000+ for an all in one computer.

One thing is for sure, in a couple years they'll have quadcore mobile and 2.8 or 2.4 won't make any difference then. In the past I spent xtra bucks for the fastest, and later regretted that I spent so much on technology that was now outdated.

You got the best looking computer in the market (Sony and HP all in one look like crap), great materials - Aluminium and Glass, great screen with good camera and the speakers are great. I love it and for 1800, excellent value!!

I wish people would put more weight in the overall value of the Imac rather than if its 2.4 or 2.8. and or its got a bad video card or not.


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Jun 6, 2007
You got what you could afford, that in it's self is doing the right thing. enjoy your new mac =)