I messed up Mail: how to fix?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by JeffOYB, Feb 6, 2014.

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    Oct 2, 2011
    I set up rules badly for my Mail. I had several sets of rules where *any* of two rules had to be met and then the mail was put in one mailbox or another. It turns out that all my mail met a couple of the rules!

    So I started noticing a LOT of mail in these mailboxes.

    What I then did was to delete some of the rules then move the contents of the mailboxes back into the Inbox. Then I re-wrote the rules correctly so that only if *all* conditions were met would the mail go into one box or another. But I still had a couple mal-formed rules with the *any* option selected.

    I decided to delete ALL my rules and to move all the mail from those boxes back into the Inbox.

    Somewhere in the middle of doing this I noticed that recently received mail was mis-displaying. An email would have a header from one person but the body of another email! YIKES! Then search started acting up.

    Also while I was doing this I was hearing Mail crunching along in the background.

    I had a lot of mail accidentally put into those wrong mailboxes. So in the end, after those several partial changes, I patiently waited for all 25k emails to transfer back into my Inbox. Then I quit Mail and restarted it. It now SEEMS like some of the mal-formed mail is GRADUALLY getting better.

    Is there some kind of re-indexing I should make Mail do to really fix things?

    I once tried Rebuild and got into BIG trouble. (A lesson there that I vaguely recall is that you have to let it finish without interruption. I had thought that it had stalled and force-quit Mail in the middle of Rebuild.)

    Or will Mail gradually re-index itself and self-recover from my mangle-ations?

    I see official info on how to re-index, but don't want to do anything until I get my bearings here.

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    Quit Mail then open Finder and hit shift-command-g (all three keys at once) and paste in the path below then enter.

    In the Finder window that pops up delete the three Envelope files listed here.


    Now launch Mail and wait while it reindexes.
  3. JeffOYB, Feb 6, 2014
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    Oct 2, 2011
    OK, I did that. This info confirms the re-indexing instructions I found thru Apple.

    I note that I am already fairly alarmed at the results. Finger crossed!

    Upon restart of Mail it thinks I'm using it for the first time now. I hope that all my mailboxes are still in place! Only a couple mailboxes were malfunctioning. Also, only a few recent emails were malformed.

    This "re-indexing" process apparently involves importing all my mail over again. 125,000 emails... I'm nervous!

    (I have ruined my mail before.)


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