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    ***Have you ever heard sound comprised rhythm such as: “.. .-.. --- …- . -.-- --- ..-“? But of course! That means “I love you”.
    ***Do you want to compose your own unique melody that could hint what you want to say?
    ***iMorse Unique is the awesome powerful uniquely digital sound composing application allowing you to create lovely, private messages carried out fully by your music. This application will bring hours of enjoyment and entertainments to your fingertips. iMorse Unique has more utility, usefulness and functionality than any other application.
    ***If you are HAM (Amateur radio operators) or not, you will fall in love with this application and its easiness of use.


    Once you tap Morse code or type text, it can be converted to flashing and Morse MIDI sound.such a unique way of creating new music. You can customize this sound by choosing different musical elements to create your own unique Morse music, make you feel as good as playing a song. Besides, you can save the songs that you create.


    -----Send your unique Morse music to your friend or yourself via email. It can be turned into your unique Ringtone or alarm sound
    ---Sound effects: It is music during the game play, and the quality of the sound effects is fine.
    ---Music style: Vintage, R&B, Bossa, Rock, Techno,Hip hop etc.

    The Tombstone Radio: just amazing! Fun, the Morse music start play accompany with flashing light

    You can find many amazing things

    Get iMorseU from appstore. You can any where any time "i morse U".
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    Any one want promo code. Please follow my twitter.com/linkmobile or DM me
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    I've just changed the price from $4.99 to $0.99 (80% off sales discount) for limitied time promotion
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    iMorseU got update and release today. To obtain it from app store http://tr.im/lCO9
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    A short question do any of you has got interferance problems with mighty mouse ? My gets creasy when running 900 w and put my hand close to the mouse. When switching to another mouse all is fine. Seems like the 4-th button sensors are very sesitive..
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    Some people feeling mighty mouse

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