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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by XPcentric, May 25, 2017.

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    My old Macbook 5,1 (2008) has a problem, it randomly shuts down. For doing the test I installed original Leopard on a formatted hard drive, so its not a software issue. Usually it shuts down when I work on it, but sometimes I find it shut down when I wake up in the morning the second day. Even the new installed Leopard doest not stay on until the morning, despite that I disabled hard drive sleep, disabled screen saver and power saving mode.

    A service that repairs electronics suggested that it could be because of CPU overheating and I should service it for Changing Thermal Paste and cleaning the fan that cools the CPU.

    Other hardware issues: I replaced the original battery 6 months ago and bought one made in China, but the icon reads "Not Charging" despite that it does charge really slow. I also re-soldered the original magsafe and I bought another one made in china.

    So I want to test if the reason why my Macbook shuts down randomly is overheating, and I need a program that consumes lots of CPU continuously.
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    Open terminal and type..

    yes > /dev/null &

    You do that for however many cores you have. (1 line per core/thread)

    If you open activity monitor you'll see the load.

    To stop it type ...

    $ killall yes
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    This explains it a bit better...

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    Very nice! <sarcasm>I was going to send some recursive bitcoin operations for his CPU to solve.</sarcasm> Your idea is much more succinct and far less selfish.
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    Distributed Computing is alway nice to create some heavy load on the CPU: you can choose between Folding@Home or BOINC (e.g. Word Community Grid)

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