I need a good set of speakers.

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    I have been using audio technica head phones for years but my new set up had my back to the door so I'm a bit paranoid and need external speakers. My macbook pros speakers aren't quite enough. Can anyone recommend some great speakers?
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    I have owned a pair of B+W MM-1 speakers for few years now.
    I'm no audio expert, but I know many people out there who have given positive reviews.
    Fantastic build and sound quality overall, highly recommended.
    Amazon sells them for around $500 last I checked.
    Compared to others of similar price range it does lack bass, but more compact and aesthetically pleasing to my eyes.

    Having said that, I think the replies you'll be (hopefully) getting will be widely variable. To help refine some responses from fellow audiophiles out there, have you thought about
    - budget
    - kind of music you mainly listen (eg. Hip hop/rap vs. classics)
    - channel / setup (eg. 2.0 reference vs. 2.1 vs. surround 5.1)
    - connectivity (ie. Does it do Bluetooth?)

    [edit] try this previous forum post
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