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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by sergiobaschi, May 12, 2014.

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    I'm looking to upgrade my current setup. I'm keeping the tv (a 47" Philips), but I'll replace the other stuff as times goes on.

    We have a computer (a pretty lame htpc, that's started to sound a bit too much...) connected to the tv. We stream from hd content, either form different providers or from a network disk. We seldomly watch regular tv, but it happens. I assume we'll get a Netflix account in the near future. Sometimes we use it just to act as a stereo, playing Spotify with the tv turned off.

    A pretty crappy 5.1 system is connected to the htpc. The tv sound doesn't go through the 5.1, but through the tv's speakers.

    So. I'll eventually replace the htpc with a Mac Mini (whenever the new ones arrive...). I'm looking for a nice 5.1 system, with a receiver. Optical drive is regarded as negative, as I wouldn't use it. I would prefer a very small receiver, and I don't want the speakers to be too big either.

    Max price for 5.1 + receiver: about US$ 1500 (including shipping to Sweden...)

    I'm looking forward to reading your comments. Thank you in advance.
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    You might want to look at electronics vendors in your area of Europe for the receivers. The speakers are universal, but you will probably want a receiver that has the Europlug and 220V compatibility. Buying from an American company means your going to get America's flat blade style plug and a chance it only works with 110V.

    If you want the small speakers, like cubes or bookshelfs, then my biggest recommendation would be to get a decent subwoofer. Possibly even two small ones as opposed to 1 large one. That way they can be spread out for all listening positions. Having some "meat" in the lower frequencies can make even small speakers sound much fuller and pleasing.
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    Check out the swedish manufacturer XTZ. ( www.xtz.se ) They have some great speakers.
  5. JAT macrumors 603

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    Check out the Harman Kardon BDS series. Should have better quality amps than most all-in-one models, HK seems to care about amps. They do have bluray built in, but you don't have to use it. Smaller than standard receivers, but full featured with wired and wireless inputs, which is also unlike other all-in-ones that often skimp on features.

    And you ought to be able to send the TV audio through your current system if you want to. And certainly through a new system like I'm suggesting. HDTVs usually have an optical output.

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