I need a phablet which one do you recommend?


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Jul 9, 2007
New York City
i have an iPhone 5s as my phone, but i need a phablet because i need to read contracts on it or spreadsheets on the go the iPhone is to small and i think the iPad mini is to big so i need something in the middle which ones do u all recommend to buy?


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Jul 29, 2006
Had the Note 3 and while it's amazing TouchWiz can be a PITA even with Nova Prime.

I upgraded to the Sony XPERIA Z Ultra, Bell has it for $0 and it's so much smoother. At 6.4" it's truly a phablet, let's not forget it's also Waterproof.


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Sep 5, 2009
With its screen size and screen, the Note 3 is the best; also, the s pen differentiates it from other phablets. Just today, I was talking to a friend and she gave me a phone # which I wrote down using action memo. Then, from action memo, I circled the # and it dialed it. Pretty handy...


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Dec 11, 2009
Note 3 is easily the best phablet on the market. I'm in love with mine. If I didn't have the Note I'd probably pick up the Z Ultra.


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Apr 18, 2013
I normally would say go out and try them out. But in this case, the Note is the original Phablet which all are held in comparison to. There's not a phone on the market that comes close to its functionality.


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Jun 28, 2012
Z Ultras are going very cheap on used sites, tons of them, brand new in mint condition with warranty etc. If you end up being on the fence between that and the Note 3, you could easily pick a Z Ultra up for like $350 to test it, then sell again if it turns out to not be your thing.


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Jun 29, 2010
Right here...
I bought the Nokia 1520 for the exact reasons you mentioned. Full blown Office access in a 6" HD screen.....great for anything Microsoft or PDF.


Aug 23, 2005
The other thing is do I wait to see if any new phanlets are coming out
Note 3 will be october / november

Lumia 1520 just came out - another WP8 phablet likely won't be seen till end of the year

HTC One Max likely won't see a refresh till end of summer if they decide to re-enter the phablet market (the one max wasn't a great success)

You can wait ... but it may be a long waiting game...


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Jul 5, 2009
If you like or don't TouchWiz, then the Note 3 is likely your best choice. On the other hand, if you'd rather stab at your eyes with a hot poker rather than use TouchWiz ;), the Xperia Z Ultra may be a good choice--assuming the extra large size isn't a bother.

And while the Z Ultra doesn't have an onboard stylus like the Note 3, you can actually use any writing implement to serve as your stylus on the Z Ultra--really cool feature, IMO.


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Mar 26, 2010
If you want to read contracts and documents I would suggest the Z Ultra over the Note 3.

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Dec 15, 2010
Would love to hold the Z ultra is see how damn big it really is..Hopefully the note series never gets that big


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Jun 11, 2009
I can't see using a phablet without a stylus, especially a built in one. I agree the Note 3 is by far the best phablet out there when compared to all the other ones with no stylus support.


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Dec 11, 2007
I did, but it was just a tad TOO large to be a daily driver device. You know?
Yeah absolutely. One Max is a huge fail IMO. They made the screen too big and the device suffers in turn. Should have kept it at 5.5". Note 3 is the largest I would even consider as a daily driver. Also if you are the guy in your avatar I have no idea how you would use the Max at the gym.


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Jul 9, 2007
New York City
I love all the answers and thank you all for your time. All these devices have the pros and cons I am sure any one would be ok. I can love the note 3 for all it's features I can love the Nokia for all the tiles. The sony I am not sure but it looks like an android with out the notes features. I have been doing the phone swap thing for so many years now. iPhone, bb, droid, windows, back to iPhone because of quality of apps and ease of use and Eco system with apple. Like most of us I get board with devices and need a change every once in a while. But with the phablet I am going to use as a secondary device at best. I am sorry when I see someone talking on a phablet next to there ear I just start laughing my ass off. So as usual the best advice would be to try them out, but because I am not able to buy on contract I won't have the testing luxury. Again thank you all for your time and helping me decide.