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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by pmasters, Mar 20, 2010.

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    Aug 15, 2009
    I am currently enrolled in Masters of Entertainment Business program at Full Sail University. I am currently in my Entertainment Business Finance class and for this week, we have an assignment where we are to interview a high level position at a company and gather information to write a four (4) page paper on it.

    I have contacted several companies over the past couple weeks and due to their extremely heavy workload, these companies have been unable to participate in the process and has severely placed me under the deadline gun.

    If someone who owns their company would be so kind to answer roughly 15-20 questions as a business owner (preferably a video production business) and would like to assist me in completing this assignment, I would be very appreciative and grateful.

    I can either post the questions here or send them in email.

    I sincerely appreciate any assistance anyone is willing to lend.

    Thank you in advance.
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    Aug 15, 2009
    Here are my interview questions:

    1. What is your job title and what exactly is the role you perform for your company?

    2. What is your educational background?

    3. What types of careers did you have before you achieved your current position?

    4. Did you participate in any additional training or special education classes that helped prepare you for your role in leadership today? If so, what were they and what do you feel help you the most?

    5. What do you feel are the key positions in your company?

    6. What are the specific job requirements for those key positions?

    7. What are the educational requirements for those key positions?

    8. Are there any other special qualifications candidates need to have to fill those key roles?

    9. How does the candidate's finance and/or business skills factor into your decision to employ them?

    10. Are there areas of finance or business that you would recommend students focus on learning to become more employable?

    11. Have you noticed any downside of recent hires that may lack proper financial education? If so, how does that effect the company and company goals?

    12. If recent hires lack the necessary skillset, what options do you offer to help bring the new hire up to speed through training to help the company's financial goals?

    13. What types of analytical skills do you require for new hires and what types of education do you require your employees to pursue after gaining employment to remain vital to the company's economic growth?

    14. Does the company prefer their candidates be well versed in all facets of business and finance is or that an area that the company would prefer to tailor their training to maximize company profit and employee efficiency?

    15. What are some of the costs associated with employee training and has it improved profitability and efficiency within the company?

    16. How have your sales increased from year 1 to year 3?

    17. Does your company invest in advertising or rely more on the world of mouth?

    18. Realistically, how much can someone starting a business similar to yours expect to generate in advertising sales for the first year and at what rate would you expect them to grow in years 2 and 3?

    19. Does your company rely solely on advertising dollars or are their other avenues that you invest your capital to maximize your return on investments?

    20. Do you have any additional advice for students considering a career with your company?

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