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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by NoSmokingBandit, May 7, 2010.

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    As you can already tell, i would like to set up an online spreadsheet to share data between a few people. I had one before but the problem is that people are dicks and would occasionally erase entire rows or pages and we'd have to start over.

    Is there an online spreadsheet service that would allow public users to enter and view data, but not edit data already present?

    Its for another forum i hang out at where we want to share each others gamer tags and stuff for XBL, PSN, and Steam so everyone can add each other easily.

    I know its kind of a specific request, and i really dont expect anything like it to exist, but its the internet, you never know what you will find ;)
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    Mar 7, 2007
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    There's nothing I know of that will allow anyone to "append" but not "edit." You should probably just give a few people edit permissions and tell everyone else to either post the info they want added to the spreadsheet or e-mail/private message one of the editors.

    I guess you could try Google Wave. At least then you'd be able to see who was being a dick :p
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    May 8, 2010
    online spreadsheet

    See this link, there have a suite of online office 2.0, it is free. Not too bad (spreadsheet do have merge, split, calculate etc)

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    I've used and recommended editgrid many times. It's really quite cool and truly multi-user-- you can watch keystrokes update on your screen as a remote collaborator works on it.

    Free, too.

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    If you can't trust the other members of your team, then you have to take over.

    They have to submit their data to you, and then you integrate it after approving it.

    I had to do that when I was on teams in college. My teammates couldn't spell, or use grammar appropriately. They also wanted to wait until the last minute to work on major projects. So I took over, and for the ones that still wouldn't contribute, they had to explain to the professor what they'd intended on contributing and how much work they actually did.

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