I need help Cleaning this machine!


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Sep 17, 2012
Hey guys, I searched the forums trying to find some solution to cleaning my mac pro. Its not dialed in on my specific needs. I have the macbook pro 15.4 running 10.7.5, 2.66 GHz intel core i7, 4gb 1067 MHz DDR3. Honestly i just want to make it faster, and give it a good cleaning. Any pointers?

Im not very inclined when it comes to this so step by step pointers is a huge plus. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to help me out. I do Appreciate it so very much!


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Oct 19, 2011
A damp cloth, and gently wipe the screen and the case...

If you want to clean up the hard drive and installed programs, the easiest way is to reinstall the OS. Don't use any Apps that promise to speed up your mac, imho that's all crap.

Finally if you are looking for upgrade recommendations, you could consider upgrading to 8 GB of RAM and a SSD (e.g. a 256 GB Samsung 840). That is essentially all you can do.


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Feb 9, 2008
The Mac Pro is easy to clean. Compressed air and an antistatic vacuum works great.

The MacBook Pro on the other hand requires you to wipe it down as well. I use rubbing alcohol because it evaporates and removes oils. For the screen I use Windex.

To make your laptop faster, double the RAM to 8GB and upgrade that traditional hard drive to a solid state drive (Samsung 840 EVO/PRO is a good choice at this point).