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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by Pajamaxllama, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. Pajamaxllama, Nov 14, 2013
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    Oct 15, 2013
    I know nothing about Xcode and Cocoa touch I have a project due in April using it and cocoa touch. I was thinking about buying a book and I will be using Xcode 5. What is the best way to learning Xcode 5? P.s I'm doing this for ios
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    There are free online courses offered by Stanford on iOS programming. I believe you can find them in either coursera or udacity. I would start there. As far as buying a book, I would recommend checking your local library for a copy of one of the Big Nerd Ranch iOS programming books (roughly $30 on Amazon).

    When you say your project is "due in April" is it for a class? There may be some free resources available at your school.
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    Isnt that book outdated though? It says its for xcode 4 and comment are saying its different when using xcode 5. My school doesnt have resources because its for my science fair and ive been wanting to learn this for a long time.
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    Ok but again, will the book help if it doesn't talk about xcode 5?
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    XCode 5 just came out. It takes a little bit of time for us to become proficient enough to write a book, then publish it and finally to get it into your hands. If you are keen on learning bleeding edge tech, stick with the source: Apple.com

    There are tons of white papers available.

    The differences are not that HUGE that you are wasting your time learning xcode4. Plus it will give a very nice base to spring additional learning from.

    Just trying to read the development notes on something you have no knowledge of will not help very much. There is no base for the tidbits of info to stick to.
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    Xcode 5 is so new that there are very few resources out there that explain how to use it. I am doing a tech review on a soon-to-be-released Xcode 5 book right now, but I bet it will be at least 2 or 3 more months before it hits the bookshelves, maybe more.

    The early betas of Xcode 5 were awful. It was also not allowed to release apps built from Xcode 5 until it was released. I did not start using it in a serious way until it was declared release-ready. A lot of other developers did the same thing, so we are still learning our way around it.

    The lead time on books is large. Online resources tend to be updated a little more quickly, but the better ones (with quality control, technical review, etc.) also lag behind by quite a bit.

    You should seriously think about using Xcode 4.6.3 instead of Xcode 5. That is much better documented and it is still supported by Apple. You won't be able to build apps with iOS 7 only features, but you will find a LOT more resources (and help in online forums) than you will for Xcode 5.
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    Xcode 5 is just Xcode 4 with a new coat of paint and a few new features. Nothing has moved or been removed since Xcode 4, so using a book that was written with 4 in mind should be fine.
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    iPhone or iPad?

    An important question to look at before you get into real development is are you looking for users in the Apple iPad environment or users in the iPhone environment.

    A good place to start is right at the source itself. Apple's support on the Apple website.


    The link above will help you start your iOS development, and it will walk you through it.


    Apple Developer:apple:Apple Developer:apple:Apple Developer:apple:
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    If that project is serious I do hope you have programmed before...
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    Just to add to the other suggestions so far, try these:

    Very good info at both sites. I've also emailed Chris back and forth a few times. He's very helpful. Good luck!

    On edit: if you are looking to design your own graphics as well, I recommend Sketch 2. I bought it about a week ago and love it! It's about $70 but still a lot cheaper than Photoshop. It's available on the Mac App Store.
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    Great sources - both are great tools for help on this.

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