I need help with an installation failure to interpret and troubleshoot an Installer Log.

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    Background: Some years ago, many film editors used Final Cut Pro 6 (also contained in Final Cut Studio 2) for their editing projects. Apple's release of Final Cut X utilizes a different format that is not compatible with FCP6. Sometimes these editors are called upon to work on some historical projects that were edited in FCP6 and needs that version to run now.

    Commencing with OS X Lion, FCP6 would not install in Lion and thereafter.

    Based upon the research of Jeremy Johnston as noted on his blog, he discovered that Apple inserted a file in the CoreServices folder of the Library Folder of the System Folder that causes Final Cut Pro versions before X (and other similarly situated older Apple programs) to fail to install. He suggested modifications to this file that would seek to prevent it from interfering with the installation of FCP6 in Lion and many users of FCP 6 were successful in their efforts to install it into Lion and work with it there.

    Subsequently in an updated discussion on installing FCP6 in Mavericks, HawaiianHippie determined that the simplest way to achieve the installation of FCP6 was to simply copy this file and delete it from the System Folder, install FCP6 and then restore the copied file:


    I have successfully utilized this method to install FCS2 in Yosemite (see screenshots below).

    However, in my attempts to install FCS2 in El Capitan, it fails within the last 5% of installing the first DVD.

    I need help in reviewing the Installer Log to determine what component it is that is causing the failure of the install and perhaps that element can be omitted from the install. If that element is not essential, then perhaps FCP6 can be successfully installed without it. And if that omitted element is needed, perhaps a manual method to install it can be determined using Pacifist.

    That is my goal to help those who need to install and use FCP6 on their new Macs that run El Capitan.

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    Installer Log:

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    INSTALLER LOG continued:

    Success installing Final Cut Studio 2 (Final Cut Pro 6) in El Capitan!

    EcoGreg suggested: "Did you turn off "GateKeeper" and set Allow apps downloaded from anywhere in the System Preferences>Privacy&Security Pane? You may need to temporarily turn off SIP in El Capitan."

    By trying both of these suggestions, and using the HawaiianHippie method, Final Cut Studio 2 installs now in El Capitan:

    Hopefully it is the easier to achieve step of turning off "GateKeeper" in System Preferences and not the more cumbersome step of turning off SIP which requires Terminal that allows Final Cut Studio 2 (Final Cut Pro 6) to be installed in El Capitan utilizing the HawaiianHippie method:

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