I need more internal space!!!


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Jan 23, 2006
How do i go about getting a larger drive than the 120GB limit currently on my PowerMac G4 Dual 450?

Precisely what do i need to buy/do?

Thanks for the help!



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Oct 21, 2003
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Didn't read my post?

Your internal ATA bus, no matter what you do, will not allow larger then 137GB.

Therefore, you need a 3rd party PCI card of some sort. ATA/6(133) cards allow for volumes larger than 137GB. As an example. SATA cards will also do this.

If you're not using the SCSI card, get rid of it.


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Oct 21, 2003
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Interesting, last time I checked that hack it only worked on some early model MDDs and late model Quicksilvers. Didn't know they'd expanded it that far back. I'd be interested to see, but user be warned.. hacks are just that. If you truely value your data integrity, I'd avoid this hack and go hardware.

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Jan 1, 2010
There is another way other than software-hacking or installing PCI-cards! Apple reports

I know this thread is old, but maybe this additional info will help someone searching for it later, so I would like to share a link with you:


I am German and I do not know whether I have understood everything under this link, but as far as I got it, it says:

There are to ways:

1. you have a mac that allready supports drives larger than 128GB (or 137GB respectively), which is Macs from until June 2002. (Beware there are some Quicksilver Models that do support it and some don't, due to Apple using other parts in one model it seems.)

2. If not:
a) install an OS X, higher than 10.2 and you can utilize a bigger harddrive
b) For OS 9 Users, they should use OS 9.2.2 and make partitions of not more than 200GB each. (Example, if you have a 320GB HDD make one with 200GB and one with 120GB)

(if you have lets say OS 9.2.1 installed and use a 160GB HDD it will use the drive, but somewhen it will write out of the 128GB space and the drive will get problems. (concerning the last point I got an answer from hitachi, they confirmed that the computer will somewhen start writing in places over the 128GB and will get problems including not booting, corrupted data). You will not notice that in the beginning of use.