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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by bowlman23, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. bowlman23 macrumors regular

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    I have a reservation for my iPhone 4 today, but I'm debating on picking it up now. After hearing about all the issues, I don't know if I should get the phone yet.

    The thing is, I want to buy the phone soon because I don't want my AT&T contract to be longer than needs be. The plan is to go to another carrier after my contract is up when I get the i4, but now I'm debating on even getting it. Even if they fix the problems, it won't be for at least a month.

    My logic was that I'll get the phone now, extend another 2 years (06/12), and then the iPhone will be on another carrier and probably be tested on that carrier. Also, the newest iPhone would be out in June 2012.

    What do you guys think? Get the phone and take my chances, or just wait till my current contract expires (03/11) and jump ship then. I'm just nervous about the reception issue.
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    You shouldn’t base decisions on one day’s worth of forum posts (or any forum posts for that matter). You’re going to get the complaints on here, so it can seem like things are worse than reality.
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    And if your screen is 'yellowed' in areas? So what? You can still use it! Get it now, trade it in for a fixed unit later. You'll only see those yellow spots, IF THERE ARE ANY AT ALL (mine doesn't have any!)... when your phone has a completely white screen. And ask yourself, how often does your phone have a completely white screen? (E-Mails excluded)

    I say, go and get your phone!

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