I need some help deciding


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Apr 10, 2003
A hot desert
I ordered a space grey but am reconsidering. I'm worried not about getting a few scratches but that when they happen they will drive me nuts due to the silver showing through

I'm considering changing my order to a silver one as a result

I also see that a lot of third party bands are using stainless or aluminum band connectors. So there may be a more seamless look

I've comsidered getting AppleCare and the space grey but figuring one incident at that point I may as well get the stainless and sapphire model, $130 is pretty close to the $200 the next model up which is less likely to damage less - at least stainless can be polished and the screen is practically indestructible

However That's really more than I want to spend on a first the smart watch from apple.

If I like it maybe down the line I'll get more bands and the middle model around gen two or three.

i much prefer the look of space grey. I also like the look of casing it not for protection but for bulking it out into a g shock kind of look. So I suppose casing the Alu with black would be a compromise for daily wear

So what do you think. Change the order (ship times are the same) or suck it up for AppleCare. Or suck it up and get the stainless. Or keep space grey and screw the warranty, other option?

Honestly the deductible and warranty cost exceeds 25% of the item which is ridiculous as a cost proposition but if I never claim and it ends up being for peace of mind it's not that bad m

I wore a pebble steel since November with no damages but it on,y takes a slip into a wall or something

So indecisive...need help...sorry for length...arghhh

Any thoughts or options welcome


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Mar 7, 2015
It depends on (a) how rich you are and (b) how careful you are.

Personally I think you should get the watch you want, and then be careful with it. I think AppleCare is a scam, and I wouldn't bother with it.


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Oct 18, 2011
I was in a similar situation. I ordered a Sport space gray at preorder. I liked the sport look and didn't want to put do much coin into a first gen product. I had a lingering concerns about whether I'd regret not getting a SS for the screen, wearability, bands etc. At that time no one really had an idea of real world usage. Long story short I went with the SS and I have absolutely no regrets. I use it more than I ever anticipated. It's much more versatile and I can wear it to work or work out without any concerns.

In the end the decision is yours, my two cents is if the extra $$ is not an issue for you go SS. Whatever you decide you do have 14 days to try it out.

Let us know what you end up doing.


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Mar 30, 2015
I have to agree with SS as the best option, but that is my opinion and money wasn't an object. I have the 42mm with three bands now... Black Sport Band, Black Classic Buckle and SS Link. I am not careful with what I am doing when wearing the watch (Workouts Running and Lifting, Mowing the Lawn around pine trees and constantly brushing against limbs and branches. The scratches will come but will be more of a character (to me) when compared to the Sport.

I also strongly agree with people saying they would do the sport first and see how much they like it before upgrading on version 2.


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Jun 13, 2008
I think as far as scratching potential goes, it's a wash. The Ion X is pretty strong but somewhat more likely to scratch than the sapphire. The sport aluminum case is less likely to scratch than the stainless steel. The stainless can be re-polished but the aluminum cannot. The sapphire is more scratch resistant but less shatter resistant. Frankly I'd get AppleCare on either one.

I bought a space grey sport and after a week of ownership am exchanging it for stainless steel with leather loop strap. I did it because I love the watch and like the look of the SS and the LL more. I got AppleCare on the SGS and I'm getting it on the SS too.


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May 20, 2015
The stainless feels a lot heavier. So, if that might matter to you, you might want to try them both on to help decide.


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Apr 10, 2003
A hot desert

So? There are times to say that and times where it's pointless. Guess which this is

The all others, thanks so much for the feedback. Still thinking on it but I think I'll probably just get the GSW and see what happens.

I throw my iPad air 2 around into my nightstand and my dog walks all kve the back of (I do try not to let her, she's little) and it hasn't scarred. I scarred the old iPad Air by gouging it on the charger in a case

So even that aluminum seems pretty durable
I'll check with my homeowners insurance and see what's covered.

Also for me coming from the pebble steel - I feel like for my needs $700 is too much for a steel and leather banded first generation device I agree it looks nice. I think the black aluminum can pass in more formal places where the regular can't.

I also just realized you can't get the black stainless in a sport band which is a bummer
Let here are some matte black adapters on Amazon, I think the matte black will look great with both a white and black leather band for more formal appearance
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