I need some help with iCal, involves Candybar

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Bluisnblklungs, Jun 17, 2009.

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    I was using this program (sorry i cant remember the name...) that made iCal display the correct date instead of July 17. Which worked great, but i bought candybar so i wanted to use different icons all the icons changed with out a problem other than iCal. When i go into my App folder it displays as the icon I changed it to but when its in the dock its showing up as the old icon but with the program still controlling it. I have deleted the app and restarted and everything. I even deleted iCal and then reinstalled it, still no luck.

    Thanks everyone!

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    iCal uses two different icons, one for when it's open and one when it's closed. You've changed the one when it's opened (which I believe is all CandyBar does), but not the one when it's opened. To do that, you'll need the icon you want it to use as a .icns file, then right click on iCal.app and choose "Show Package Contents." Navigate to Resources, then find app-empty.icns and back it up somewhere. Copy the new file into that folder, and make sure to name it exactly the same as the app-empty.icns file it's replacing. Then restart iCal and the new icon should be in place.

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    I would like to add an additional question to the original one...

    I was able to get the icon replaced just fine, but the date (the month and the day) is still being printed over the image icon I replaced it with. I want to stop the date from being printed over my image icon (don't need it). Can I stop that from showing somehow?!


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