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    OKAY SO! im trying to install Windows 10 via bootcamp, i know how to do that stuff blah blah blah, i came to a point when i was installing where i didnt have a "Create a windows 10 install disk" Tick-box, so i researched it and i found a solution, i needed to change the perms in package contents of BootCamp Assistant, HERES WHERE THE PROBLEM IS! as i unlock the yellow padlock at the bottom and try to add "administrator" it says "The operation can’t be completed because you don’t have the necessary permission" even though my user is Admin, ive went to system preferences and changed perms but nothing is working, i cant seem to find a solution! PLEASE HELP! my system specs are:
    2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
    NVIDIA GeForce 9400 256 MB

    It also says i can only read in the info, even though im admin, please if you know how to fix please tell me

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    Right, El Capitan did change some things related to permissions. But that's not really the only issue you're going to have here.

    This looks to be a 2008-2010 spec Mac, and Apple has restricted Windows 10 support to 2012 and up model Macs. Of course that doesn't mean you can't run it on older Macs, as I have ran Windows 10 perfectly fine on my 2007 iMac but you won't have the option to make a USB installer on older Macs. It'll work fine if you make your own or use a DVD though.

    Your best bet to install Win 10 is to use a PC to make a flash drive installer, OR just burn an ISO to DVD and install it that way if you can. Probably the simplest. Then download drivers yourself or get lucky with some of the included Apple ones. I'm sure some will work. But others you may need to grab from the manufacturer of the part or a third party.

    Maybe someone else can help with the permissions issue. But there are other ways to get Windows on your Mac without changing permissions inside of Boot Camp Assistant.
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    Easiest way to do what you're trying to do is to copy the Boot Camp Assistant app somewhere you do have permission to edit it, for example the Desktop. This gets around El Capitan's SIP.
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    I am not sure if this info could be of any use to you...but just post it.
    Having problems to install Windows using the BootCamp assistant of El Capitan for some kind of reasons I didn't understand, I had to do it in this way:
    1)I cloned with CarbonCopyCloner the entire content (entire system with all applications) of my El Capitan internal hard drive to an external one.
    2)Then I erased the internal system and installed a basic Yosemite, just the OS.
    3)Using THAT BootCamp I managed to install Windows.
    4)I finally erased the internal Yosemite and cloned back to it the El Capitan whole system.
    It is an awkward procedure but it worked for me.

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