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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Crager724, Dec 30, 2008.

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    This past Christmas I bought my kids a Wii. I had looked into getting an Airport Extreme, but never pulled the trigger. I have an iPhone, but no other wireless devices, so I never felt the need to get a wireless router. With the addition of the Wii the "need" grew enough to revisit the Airport. Well, I work with a guy who gave me his old Nintendo Dongle that he wasn't using. He said I would need to download the apple drivers. After much searching I found there were no apple drivers and would need to hack the dongle to get it to work. But I came across one work around for connecting your DS to a wifi network. In the tutorial it show you how to use your iMac's "internet sharing" function. I had no idea this function was available was skeptical of it working. I first tested it out with my iPhone. Sure enough I was able to download apps via the Apps Store (Peanut Butter Jelly Time has its own app). Test number two is with the Wii itself, and sure enough it lists my network as available and is able to connect. Sweet! No dongle, no router, just my trusty iMac and Internet Sharing.
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    This is one of the wonderful benefits of using the Mac OS.

    Sharing LAN connections is wonderful.

    It works easy both ways:

    - WiFi to LAN

    - LAN to WiFi

    And it is so much easier than setting up with Windows (at least through XP).

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