I Never Use Bluetooth


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Aug 24, 2010
I've never found any use for bluetooth on my MBA. I don't own a wireless mouse or keyboard, so I usually keep it turned off to conserve power.

Am I missing out? What do you use your Bluetooth for?


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Mar 24, 2010
For bluetooth devices. :p
Besides mice and keyboards, some phones and other accessories use bluetooth, but if you don't have any, you're not really "missing out", you just don't need it on.


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Jun 20, 2009
Lincoln, UK
I rarely use Bluetooth and so have it turned off, but it is useful occasionally. The last time I used it was for someone who couldn't sync their Sony Ericsson phone with their PC. Turned on my bluetooth, and on the phone and the two connected instantly, and it was a smooth process updating the phone's software.

Besides mice and keyboards, a common use is headphones. As Slix says, you are not missing out. It is a tool that is there if you need it.


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Oct 30, 2010
San Diego
I can see people bluetooth sometimes for a mouse...but I NEVER use it ;)

But im sure if apple didnt have bluetooth for the MBA, the world would go crazy. Its one of those things....


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Apr 28, 2005
I only use it to tether to my iPhone 3, which doesn't seem to allow wifi tethering like my iPhone 4... not sure if it's a phone thing or a carrier thing..


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Jul 21, 2011
Los Angeles, CA
I was using it for a magic mouse..but then I discovered how good the MBA was at gaming...so I got a Logitech gaming mouse...which uses a usb dongle...so I don't really use it for anything now.


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Jul 13, 2011
Well I only really use it when my MBA is connected to my ATD. I use the BT to connect to my trackpad and keyboard.

Beside that I don´t really use it for anything else. Sometimes I might use it to connect to my phone to transfer something, but usually I find it to slow. So I either transfer it through wifi or I just go and connect my phone directly with an USB.

I did once use it a bit more to tether with my iPhone, but now my main phone is a Galaxy Note and I use it as a wifi hub. So I don´t need to have bluetooth on to use the mobile internet from my phone.

Also I did use it to autolock my MBP with my iPhone, but it didn´t work so well. Either it didn´t respond properly and wouldn´t lock or open up. Or if anyone really wanted to open my MBP they could get close to me and open it. Heck it was almost like putting a tracker on me for other to find me :p


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Sep 7, 2011
its hardly a required feature. In fact, many laptops don't come with bluetooth at all.

The fact Apple includes it as a default feature is a wonderful thing. If you don't use it, don't worry, its not usable for everyone.

But if you want to use it, it's already there for you. No added receiveers / transmitters needed to be added!

I use bluetooth with my magic mouse and occasionally headset on Ventrillo.

but for the most part, i disable it for a few extra minutes of battery life.


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Aug 11, 2010
Tethering. When tethering via bluetooth, you can activate it from the laptop with one click and not have to toggle the personal hotspot switch on the phone. Basically makes it a 3G macbook air.


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Aug 16, 2010
Nova Scotia
I hook up to my LG soundbar in the living room and stream music from my iMac that way. Haven't got an Apple TV in the living room - yet.