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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by ashman70, Feb 6, 2012.

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    Last week I added an I/O card to my MP 3,1 the part number on this card is SY-PEX40039, its a PCIe 1.1 card with two SATA ports, capable of 6MBS. Since I added the card, I've been getting pop ups from Smart Reporter, indicating I/O errors, I've had issues with Outlook being unable to sync with my Exchange server, I've experienced weird issues booting, obviously all related to this card. When I bought it I was duped into buying a SATA cable for the faster speed and since I've been having these issues I figured it was either the cable or the card. This morning I'd had enough and opened my system and replaced the 'faster' cable with a regular SATA cable. Since booting up I have had another Smart Reporter message pop up, so I guess it must be the card. I just wanted to sound off here in case I'd missed anything or anyone had any other suggestions. Before I bought this card my SSD (which is OWC) was connected to one of the onboard SATA connectors and was working fine, I had none of of the issues I am having now.


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    FWIW Sandforce has a bunch of issue with non-standard SATA link controllers. If you can get the drive back into the Mac controller see if the errors go away. Or it could be the drive. They usually die with no warning though. So most likely the PCI card link.
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    Thanks Derbothaus, so far so good, no errors or weirdness going on, so fingers crossed. Loving the speed though.


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