I-phone's hacked wirelessly(3G & 4)

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    I-phones hacked through wireless network. Hackers got through DSL modem/Router. Gained access to iPhones. Now being retorted to dummy sites and hackers are using Java to embed code into web pages, reroute from help pages. Listen through mic and view through camera. Turned our iPhones into some sort of server to broadcast to other hackers. They have accessed all personal data and keylogged the rest before we could tell what had happened. I have pics, screenshots, and a ton of other evidence to back this. I used to love this device now it's becoming a curse. Holding on to it so hacker network can be traced and hopefully eliminated.
    This is one report of iPhone 3G. Attempting connection to your computer.*.*.
    Shields UP! is now attempting to contact the Hidden Internet Server within your device(computer). It is likely that no one has told you that your own personal device(computer) may now be functioning as an Internet Server with neither your knowledge nor your permission. And that it may be serving up all or many of your personal files for reading, writing, modification and even deletion by anyone, anywhere, on the Internet!

    The word computer is now my iPhone. Its no longer listed in any documentation as( phone,mobile device,etc.) and any wireless device it comes in contact with is subject to possible intrusion by this broadcast network that has control of my phone. 3g&wi-fi are disabled when out of the house. Most importantly phones have never been jailbroken or any of the other nonsense. Need assistance so feel free to message me.
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    I know it's late, and I'm still kind of inebriated, but that was horribly confusing.

    Can you re-explain that?
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    Jul 3, 2011
    Re: iPhones hacked.

    First of all I'm no expert and if my explanation was not that clear before then I'll try again. We had our home network established for some time before we added our phones to it. One day someone got access to our network through our cable modem/router. It took admin control and shut down the computer several times til it eventually destroyed the hard drives. We collected tons of data from this and in the log files we noticed that it mentioned connection to our iPhones. Keep in mind there was nothing but a witless connection between the phones and the computer. The hackers found a way to go from windows based OS to Mac IOS. It now has similar control over the phones as the comp. We still maintain access to the phones. But out capabilities are limited. They are monitored through a combination of an broadband overlay system. Were not 100% sure how this is being done but what we do know is that it's something to do with, Microsoft SQL server, a broadband overlay whereof actually needs limited to no wi-fi or 3G capabilities to access Internet. It runs A form of java where it can mimic or reroute us to dummy pages. I moniters what content can be seen and if deems it a threat then it closes the page or will not allow it to load. Debug function for safari shows 15-20 errors per page. Binary code shows in search browser. It changes e-mail addresses at will when trying to send e-mail. Phones were taking to apple store and was showed to several store personal and they were stunned to see what the phones were doing. Suggestion was giving to destroy phones and get new ones this sounded like a great idea to me but pics,data and music cannot be saved and we have tried every possible route. Apple refused to back it up for us. These are pics of my son when he was born premature. So it's not like I can just say screw it and wipe it clean or have them replace the phones. It seems like a lose-lose situation at this point. The list goes on and on of things that are and have gone on with these phones. All e-mail, credit cards, bank accounts, and other personal info we had on phones have been changed or closed due to information retrieved through phones. I feel that this is only going to get worse. We disable our wi-fi and 3G functions when away from home so that theses guys don't find another host or access point to someone else's network. I hope this better explains the situation were having here. We have contacted everyone from homeland security,FBI, Internet crimes divisions of all government agencies down to apple and AT&T. If this sounds to
    hard to believe then I can assure you that I have the documentation to show.
    Feel free to ask any questions except to tell this story again cause this probably makes the 200th time I've told it. All I can do is tell u what I have, what Ive seen and what I know and the rest is anyone's guess. Thanks for listening
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    It's not you - TS is a bot and therefore, incoherent by nature
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    ...my brain. Dude, you have to write that out in paragraphs or something. I'm tired and whatnot, but even if I were wide awake, wired up on RedBull, I wouldn't read what you just wrote. I'm not writing this with any particular tone. Please don't take it like I'm bashing you. I'm just trying to help you get help.

    Really don't think so. Bot's don't respond in context like that.
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    I don't think they managed to hack the iPhone, but rather intercept your home internet connection...If you are afraid, turn off the iPhone's Wi-Fi and leave it off the network. Does it still redirect pages when you're on 3G?
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    Redirects in any connection mode. Wi-fi and 3G. Like I said something got in the network, took over and want leave. Now there is no network just the phones and they control what they want when they want it.
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    Doesn't work like that.

    You collected data from hard drives that you said were 'destroyed'. You have no knowledge of how a HDD works yet you're able to collect log files etc? Odd.


    Doesn't make sense

    1 - again, contradicting what you've said before, however sounds just like a page redirection (router-side)

    2 - debug for safari is showing the coding errors - also irrelevant.

    Same as above

    They were stunned to see what the phone was doing? Really?

    If you haven't backed up - what did you expect?

    You left your sensitive data in just plain text? There's no way for them to access this, directly.. Almost all banks offer https and even then - why are you logging onto your bank if you know your phone has been hijacked?

    Same as above.

    It doesn't.

    Please could I see said 'documentation'?

    I'm not dismissing your story, simply the claims you make are 1) unbelievable and 2)not possible. I have a good understanding of networks and as others may say nothing here sounds plausible. You claim to know/think to know what's going on - yet you actually have little knowledge of the technicalities.

    Until you can help clear up the flaws in your story, i'm not sure anyone here will be able to help you.

    Hopefully Mr.Pink will be able to read through, too ;) :D
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    Yeah this doesn't make sense ... soon as i read "destroying the hard drive of the PC by rebooting it until it died" ... well ... yeah ... nuff said.
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    I think you guys seriously got trolled. First off its iPhone, not I-phone- I know, grammar mistake. Secondly, unless he/she has no type of internet security, probably has 1 password for everything, sounds like he probably was phished somewhere along the lines because that wall of text is garbled info and like Evan said, there are alot of flaws to this story.
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    That's a great picture dude. :)

    The OP's posts are hard to read and don't make much sense. If the phone has been hacked like this (i'm pretty sure this kinda thing hasn't happened before) Apple would have looked into it seriously when the OP brought it in. Also, they won't destroy the phone! they'd wipe it and get you a new SIM
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    This is far by far the worst job at trolling I have ever seen.
  13. labman, Jul 4, 2011
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    I've seen better! didn't even try to read what the troll wrote. Not that bored!

    here TS you will enjoy this

    Ghost caught on tape.
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    Uhhhh......I like pancakes? :D
    Seems someone was a little bored, or has an over-active imagination. Just sayin'....
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    I read both of the OP's posts each twice and this is garbage. I'm in IT and very little of this sounds plausible.
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