I ran Memtest, looks okay, but I'm not sure...


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Jan 19, 2006
I've never used memtest. i just installed 2GB new ram this morning and ran the test and it seems okay; everything passed. I just wanted someone that has used it before to take a look my log and let me know. To me the only thing that didnt seem right is that it was showing 826MB per chip instead of a gig..?:

Memtest version 4.13 (32-bit)
Copyright (C) 2004 Charles Cazabon
Copyright (C) 2004, 2005 Tony Scaminaci (Macintosh port)
Licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2 only

NOTE: No command-line arguments have been specified
Using defaults: test all available memory, 1 pass, no logfile

MacOS X (Darwin) running in multiuser mode
POSIX version 200112
Pagesize is 4096
Requested memory: 1653MB (1733767168 bytes)
Available memory: 1653MB (1733767168 bytes)
Allocated memory: 1653MB (1733767168 bytes) at local address 0x02008000
Attempting memory lock... locked successfully
Creating test buffers...
Buffer A: 826MB (866883584 bytes) at local address 0x02008000
Buffer B: 826MB (866883584 bytes) at local address 0x35ac1800

Running 1 test sequence...

Test sequence 1 of 1:
Stuck Address : ok
Random Value : ok
Compare XOR : ok
Compare SUB : ok
Compare MUL : ok
Compare DIV : ok
Compare OR : ok
Compare AND : ok
Sequential Increment: ok
Solid Bits : ok
Block Sequential : ok
Checkerboard : ok
Bit Spread : ok
Bit Flip : ok
Walking Ones : ok
Walking Zeroes : ok

All tests passed.

[Process completed]

thanks in advance!


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Jan 19, 2006
yeah i just read that. so im going to run 3-5 as the user manual suggests.

i bought two 1 gig chips of patriot memory from new egg. that was recommended to me here before i bought it.