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Discussion in 'iPad' started by wickedwahine11, Nov 28, 2013.

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    Nov 2, 2013
    My iPad Air was crashing multiple times per day and my home button would not work about 5% of the time. I couldn't return it for another one (I bought on launch day) so I took it to the Genius Bar on Monday.

    The guy said he did not know the cause of the repeated crashes - he did see the log showing how frequently they were occuring. He had a problem with the home button during his inspection and said he would do a warranty swap on it.

    He said they had no Air 128 Space Grey in stock and would have to order one. I was able to keep the buggy one until the new one came in. He told me it might arrive Wednesday, if not, it should by Monday.

    Since I had not heard anything yet, I called the store Wednesday night to see if they had any in stock rather than check online in stock levels. I am so glad I did, since I live 30 minutes away.

    Even though they had my model available for sale, they had none for warranty swaps. What surprised me was that if I had bought from Apple (I got my Air from Best Buy and rMini from Target), they would have given me one of the retail units they had in stock.

    I had been hoping to do the swap before Thanksgiving. Not only is this unit driving me nuts, but after working retail management for a couple of years, I would rather go for a root canal than go to a shopping mall between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    I am hoping it is not a refurb model they give me, the guy on the phone said it was too early for refurb ones. But so many people have been returning iPads (if this forum is an indication) that I am worried I will get someone else's problem. I have to say this gives me pause. I had chosen to purchase the new iPads at Best Buy and Target for gift card reasons. Had I known this disparity in warranty replacement would occur, I might have bought at Apple instead.
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    Don't based the amounts of returns by what you read on this forum. It's an extremely small percentage for the normal non MR people out there. Lets face it, all of us on MR have some level of OCD. :D
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    You would have been able to return the Air at BestBuy until January 15th if you had purchased it on November 3rd. However if you purchased it on November 1st it fell under their non-holiday return period. On your rMini you have until January 25th to return it to Target if there is a problem.

    I don't think you have anything to worry about if indeed they give you a refurbished Air. Since they just came out at the beginning of the month, more than likely it will be a new iPad. The refurbished are quality checked more during the process than new ones are.

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