I Signed out of itunes on iMAC & signed back on - all music present but won't play anymore?

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    Feb 16, 2017
    Signed out on iMac. Signed in again.My music library still seems intact, but my playlists are all empty. I checked my phone and everything is still good to go on there. If I go to my songs library The "iCloud download" column where the clouds were, now the cloud is missing from all the songs it was previously on. Try playing those songs and it just skips to any song that has been downloaded in my computer. Please help if anyone knows a solution.

    I tried re-signing in, Restarting my computer, De-authorizing my computer and re-authorizing.

    I tried adding a few songs and the "iCloud download" icon appears for those songs. Here's a screenshot for reference. Notice the blue cloud for the 2 Prince songs and the Nav song that I just added. How can I bring back the cloud for everything else? I also tried updating iCloud music library but nothing happens. Does this process take a while to update the music into the system?

    screenshot of my itunes : http://imgur.com/a/emMll
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    Apr 23, 2013
    I think you're confused. That cloud icon means they are not on your local machine. If you want to delete all your local songs and only store them in the cloud you can do that, just make sure everything is either Matched or Uploaded first. (Turn on the iCloud Status column too).


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