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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by jc0481, Jul 6, 2011.

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    Currently going back to school it has been years since I have dealt with mathematics. I actually really enjoy math but at the same time I don't do well with it. Even a couple years ago I applied for a warehouse job and they handed a two sided math worksheet. I think it had 25 questions. Everything from basic arithmetic to word problems. They told me I could not use a calculator. I only knew a few questions. Of course I did not get the job.

    By the way no thanks to one of my high math teachers. He was a BIG proponent to using calculators with mathematics.

    I am really into using mental mathematics. Specifically Vedic Mathematics. Maybe someone here knows more about that than I do. I hate the way I was taught growing up always thought there had to be a better way. I mean we solve math problems from right to left but every time we read something it's more natural left to right. But sadly that's all I know.

    I hope I don't get a reply that you tell me to go open a math textbook and start practicing. I appreciate you writing me back but not the answer I am looking for.

    My goals are to understand mathematics once again. Be faster at it without using a piece of paper and pencil and without a calculator. But when I have to do math problems on paper I want a better way to solve math problems instead of what we were taught in grade school.

    Does anybody know any good math books I should buy, websites, etc?

    Thanks for reading.
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    Might be helpful

    Check this website out. It has videos on pretty much any subject that you might want to learn. It might not have a different way of doing it, but at least it reviews the subject. It also has a practice section, haven't played around with it much, but it seems really helpful if you are trying to brush up on your math skills.

    Good luck

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    A fun app I use is "brain tuner". If you have an ios device at least. It is essentially a series of questions and you try and answer them as fast as you can

    But in general, I know that Standard Deviants had some really good videos on subjects. Worth looking into:) Totally recommended


    My dad made me and my brothers watch those tapes so many times when we were growing up in addition to our school lol.
  4. kolax macrumors G3

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    Search YouTube for engaging videos that detail how to do long division, basic maths equations etc.

    I find I learn a lot better when there is a video showing how to do something in full visual form, than reading text.
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    I can do pretty fast arithmetic in my head, and I use an entirely different method compared to how I would do it on paper.

    The first big thing to do is to group numbers by place value when multiplying or dividing. So, while you would normally do 16x15 by starting with the 5 and working right to left, I find the easiest way to group the numbers. For 16, I could group the entire equation as "4 60s" or for 15, I could group the entire thing as " 3 80s" or "5 48s." since anything with 5 or 0 at the end is easier to do, I'll go with 4 60s. 4x6=24, and then add the zero back on for 240. I know this looks complicated, but once you practice, you can group efficiently, do the math, and have an answer in seconds.

    For adding or subtracting, I use the "closer to" rule. For example, if I want to do 89+19, I can just assume that that's the same as 89+20-1. Even though this looks like more steps, it will save lots of time when there are more digits. Obviously this doesn't work as well for things like 67-14, but for those, you can easily just subtract from the place values and arrive at your answer pretty quickly. If you get something like 87-18, you can use the same trick as before and do 87-20+2.

    Otherwise it comes down to practice, practice, practice. :p As a kid I would be quizzed by my dad all the time, and that practice allowed me to become really fast and efficient.
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    2nd vote for Khan Academy

    They have many good video lessons. I like to watch them for fun/general review. Being current helps when being asked for help form kids too. :p

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