I think I might have some bad ram.

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by macgeek2005, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. macgeek2005 macrumors 65816

    Jan 31, 2006
    I just put in another 512mb stick of ram into my G4 tower.

    For 2 years i've had it running 768mb of ram (one 256, one 512), and recently I finally got another 512 and put it in, giving me 1.25GB. That was fine.

    Now I got another one, to fill up the last ram slot, so I now have 1.75 GB of ram, but my computer keeps freezing up.

    I'll be playing music, using iChat, MSN, Firefox, Activity moniter, and maybe quicktime, and all of a sudden the music will stop, and the computer will just freese up. I don't know if it's related to playing the music, because right now i'm not playing music and it's not freezing up yet.....

    I better post this before it does freeze up.

    Do you suggest I take that ram out and see what happens?
  2. realityisterror macrumors 65816


    Aug 30, 2003
    Snellville, GA
    Try running memtest and see what it tells you.

    Just follow the provided instructions carefully.
  3. macgeek2005 thread starter macrumors 65816

    Jan 31, 2006
    Thanks, but it's a little too late, I already took it out.

    I had verified and repaired permissions, and I zapped the P-ram, and then I restarted again, and it still froze again in the middle of watching a video on google video.

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