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Jun 27, 2009
I've stayed out of the loop the last few years, thoroughly unimpressed with Tim Cook (still underwhelmed)

But I'll watch this event today.

I have found The Verge as a good place to follow along re: live commentary on the event.

I'll be watching on one of these streams

Youtube link:

Apple website direct:



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Mar 3, 2008
They've been putting together a ton of excellent events the last few years; the digital style has really worked well for them. A little less fluff and introductions and more content. That being said, I don't expect today's event to be at all the most exciting event of the past twelve months, so you may be underwhelmed. Next month's event with the all-new MBPs should be a little more invigorating, whereas today's updates are likely to be far more incremental and evolutionary.

I do hope you enjoy it, though! :) I'll be watching for sure.
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