I think Iphone for verizon is possible

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by rockinthecave, Jul 14, 2008.

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    Jul 14, 2008
    So I could be wrong here, and I'm not too sure of myslef because I haven't heard anyone talk about this method before but I think that there's a way to get an Iphone on Verizon.

    In the past the main barrier that stopped people form jailbreaking the Iphone for Verizon was that AT&T had sim cards while Verizon did not.

    But when Apple released the Iphone 3G, in the U.S.A. it also realeased it in other countires such as Japan, and throughout the rest of 2008 it will be realeased in more counties, like FRance next FRiday.

    AT&T only has the exclusive rights in America.

    So my theory is that some of the other carriers do not use SIM cards in other countries, which would mean that Iphones without SIM cards do exist... So if someone in the U.S.A would be able to get an Iphone from lets say japan wouldn't they be able to jailbreak it for verizon or another non- sim card carrier...

    I could be wrong here, but I really hope I'm right could someone please proove me wrong, or agree with me and maybe, someone can start testing it out

    sorry It took so many words for me to write this out... any responses would be greatly appreciated.

    -Michael Belmonte
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    verizon actually does have sim cards....in some cases
    my dad has a blackberry (650 I believe?) world edition on the verizon network
    and his phone has a sim card
    and also a gsm receiver for other countries

    so theoretically the iPhone can work with a verizon world plan
    but only in countries where that verizon world plan would default to GSM

    although im sure this isnt possible do to software limitations
    and realistically thinking, no one is gonna write an unlock to allow this
    unless verizons overseas plans become drasticallty cheaper than other carriers
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    Jul 1, 2008
    Hahahah wow what a thread!

    Even if it were possible it would be thicker and the battery would be hilariously worse. CDMA for some reason (someone elaborate on this please) drains the batter much quicker than GSM.

    Still, Verizon would probably cripple the sh** out of it with their horrible UI's and service.

    They used to CHARGE people to use BLUETOOTH on their phones before. Come the eff on.
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    Holy ****...

    I can't believe this...

    SIM cards are not for just GSM-based networks. iDen will use them as well as CDMA, especially in Blackberrys.

    The carrier in Japan is SoftBank Mobile - formerly Vodafone Japan - which operates a 3G network.
  10. nakile macrumors regular

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    Maybe in five years or so when Verizon is using LTE as their 4G technology. But until then, no.
  11. dissdnt macrumors 65816


    Aug 3, 2007
    Verizon was approached first by Apple and Verizon passed because of the control freaks Apple are. AT&T took it and got assurances more of which are false. Like no one will be able to hack the phone. Pfft hehe
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    the SIM card doesnt matter...
    CDMA uses different radio's than GSM...
    It is just a different technology all together.
  13. kis macrumors 65816

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    ? Verizon uses a totally different network technology. Trying to get your iPhone to work on Verizon is like trying to hook up your flat iron to the phoneline.
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    You and Verizon failed miserably :rolleyes:
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    Jun 30, 2007
  16. scaredpoet macrumors 604


    Apr 6, 2007

    Actually, even after Verizon moves to LTE, it still might be possible that the network won't be compatible with the LTE of AT&T or other former GSM networks.

    There are three separate barriers we need to consider, not just one:

    1. SIM card ICCID/IMEI vs. ESN/MEID usage

    GSM networks use the former. Verizon and CDMA networks use the latter. Verizon issues SIM cards for international roaming only. The SIM card is never used on the home network.


    The signaling format. Right now, an iPhone of any vintage can not "speak" the same "language" as a Verizon phone on that network. It doesn't matter if you unlock the phone. It doesn't matter what SIM card you use. The radio on the iPhone is unable to understand the Verizon network's transmission protocols, and vice versa. And no, this isn't Apple or AT&T's fault. No GSM or 3G/UMTS phone will work on Verizon, even when unlocked, unless a radio specific to the CDMA network used by Verizon is installed.

    3. Core services layer (NSS/GSM MAP core vs ANSI)

    Even if/when AT&T and Verizon both switch to LTE, and if/when Apple releases a 4G iPhone (and this will be multiple years away for both situations), there's the question of the network core services layer. GSM and the network Verizon is using not only speak different langauges over the air, but also internally. So even if you managed to bolt on a CDMA radio to a 3GSM phone, that phone would also need to know the ANSI routing scheme used by the CDMA network to place and receive calls, or else the phone will still be spouting gibberish.

    One company (SonyEricsson) tried just that in the past: taking a GSM phone and stuffing CDMA electronics into it. The result was the SE T608. IT was revolutionary for being the first Bluetooth-enabled CDMA phone in North America. It was also the slowest, buggiest, most unreliable disaster ever conceived. Even before this fiasco was released to the public, SonyEricsson stopped all CDMA handset development, and it's believed only 10,000 of these phones were ever made (of which I managed to get one, to my regret). I doubt any survive today.

    Alternately, Verizon would have to also switch over its voice and data routing schemes to match the GSM Network Switching Subsystem (NSS) to be fully compatible.

    Maybe they'll do this. Or, maybe they'll see no need to.

    I know this much though: I know a friend who works for Verizon Wireless in their network services division, which writes code to implement new features in provisioning, network routing, roaming and billing.

    You want to know how old that system is? To give you an idea, they're coding in COBOL.

    Yeah, that old.

    They have no plan whatsoever to transition out of that. And right now, they don't see a need to (other than it's a pain to find COBOL programmers, but they're willing to train).
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    Verizon, from what I know, is switching into LTE completely, as in the same specifications AT&T and Vodafone and all other current GSM carriers will follow. An iPhone 4G for Verizon and AT&T in the US is very much a possibility. In 5 years (I say 5 years because that gives Verizon one or two years to further 4G rollout).

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