I think it's a trick....


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Oct 21, 2001
I think this whole thing is a trick by Apple. Let me ask you guys a question: Why would Apple continue to put G4's in the Power Mac's if they are already in the iMac's? Also, doesn't the G4 need a lot of time left since it was just put into the new iMac? The G4's are now iMac processors, right? So, traditionally, the PowerMac's need to be more powerful then iMac's, right? So, a video card, and a space to upgrade are not really big reasons to use a powermac, when for a few bucks less you get basicly the same machine. So, that means the G5 is coming out even though Apple say's it not. I think they are doing it just ot save thier asses. I would do the same thing now: Think about it thier way: I say thier are no new machines coming out for months, then people who are waiting in the sidelines by the machines now, therefore making profits go up. Then a little later on, a come out with the G5, and then: whew! I made a heck of a lot of money. So think about it that way. That's how I am thinking.

My final forecast: I think MWNY for G5's, but it is possible for MWSF in 2003. But if I were Apple, I would pull the G5 out before Intel and AMD can get thier next generation machines out. Just a guess though. What do you guys think?


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Jan 9, 2002
Ha ha haaa!
I agree with you 100%. People seem to forget that the future development of the G4 will be for the iMacs and, in time, the iBooks, NOT the PowerMac line! We will see the PowerMac G5 soon.


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Jan 28, 2002
>> But if I were Apple, I would pull the G5 out before
>> Intel and AMD can get thier next generation machines
>> out. Just a guess though. What do you guys think?

I don't think its quite as simple as 'pulling out the G5' when they (or you!!) feel like it.

Before they release it, they need to develop it, test it, produce it, design the rest of the system to go with it, etc etc etc.

These things don't just happen over night.....

.....except on macrumors.com ;) which is why rumo(u)r sites are so popular!!




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Jan 14, 2002
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Thank you for your reassurance <sp?>

After hearing that G4's have a long future ahead of them, I was very disappointed. I even sold my G4 Dual 450 w/1GB Ram/2 Monitor Cards. I've missed it dearly. My plan was to buy the new G5 in months to come. After hearing otherwise about Apples supposed plan, my heart fell right into my stomach.

$1550.00, is what I got for my G4 Sawtooth, which I think is great. Ebay is fabulous. Besides it's you guys who threw me overboard to sell it. I hope and pray that MWNW is IT!!! I hope that the G5 wont break the Bank either. After speaking with Apples Edu. Rep and an Engineer, they said just hold on, sell now and you'll be happy later. They did in fact say that G5 rumors are true, they just won't tell me when. Probably because they don't know themselves. They also stated that they will be AFFORDABLE. Yeehaw!

My next question is, do programs need to be recompiled to utilize the new chip. Most programs right now don't even know how to use the duals.

Thank you all for help keeping my dream alive about the new G5!


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Jan 9, 2002
Ha ha haaa!
Re: PM 5

Originally posted by Macmaniac
APPLE has to release the G5 before the PM 5. The slogan would be, "The first with Five." It would also be a huge moral boost.
Also a good point. If any "Pentium 5" comes out before the G5 does, that will be a black eye for Apple. Apple doesn't need another black eye. The first one being the gigahertz barrier. Yes, so it's just a number... but then again, that's what we say about megahertz, too... ;)


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Dec 9, 2001
State of Denial
Could be a trick, but...

Somehow, I doubt it's intentional. More likely, since this so-called source would have had to have violated an NDA, getting him fired (and I haven't heard anything about any apple execs getting fired recently, have you?) more likely he had no idea what he was talking about, and was just trying to get some attention. People have done it, and similar hoaxes when they had nothing else to do before, just usually not from within apple. Remember the "iWalk"


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Jan 13, 2002
I finally got so fed up with waiting for the G5, I went ahead with my plans to solder my old 8600/250's 604e processor to the top of my G4 chip, thereby creating my own, YES!, G5. Or is it a G4 1/2?

The only modifications I had to make were 1) I have to tilt my 22" monitor 1/4 turn every 10 minutes, as everything on screen begins to drift counter-clockwise and 2) Every time I open MS Word, my garage door opens...although, that may be more a software than a hardware issue.


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Oct 23, 2001
Umm.. was somebody sniffing too much flux vapor? Everyone knows that the 604s connect cellularly, no soldering required! Neural-port works great!


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Nov 30, 2001
trick or treat (or simply just the wrong season)

This is what they said:
No new hardware for two months (MWNY is not up for several months)
G4 will be with us for a long time (iMac, iBook, PB G4). (The G3 has been with us for FIVE years...)
So, G5 at MWNY or Seybold the latest, is still much likely... :)

By the way: rt_brained... LOL :D


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Dec 7, 2001
Those sneaky little rascals at apple...I'm not falling for their hooliganism!

I say G5 no later than MWNY '02.

Ensign Paris

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Nov 4, 2001
I bet we get the G5 before the G6.

Have you noticed that 'Greg Joswiak' is not particularly meantioned? It may be that he thinks he is about to be ousted and he wants to damage apple or summut like that.

Or it may be just be a way to make us seem more supprised when it comes out at MY or TK.


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Dec 3, 2001
I'm not bothered when we get a G5, just as long as apple keep giving the entry level G4 the same CPU minus Level 3 cache as the dual model in the previous lineup, I'll be more than happy plonking down £1,600+ on an entry level G4 with 15" LCD in 6 to 9 months time whatever CPU it uses. Just as long as they don't take away the 7200rpm drives on the entry level models. Actually it wouldn't hurt to give the entry level powermac a 1Mb level 3 cache as a compromise.

Also, one thing I think of with the G5, if Apple get a 64bit CPU in a powermac model before 64 bit chips are available for Windows PCs, we'll have one up on the darkside :)

Think about it, not only will we have a 64bit CPU, we'll have one we can run all our current applications on. PCs going 64 bit would be a joke, Just think how fast PC emulation is on the mac now, about as fast as PCs were when the 233Mhz G3 came out, if that. Imagine trying to run an emulation layer similar to the 68000 emulator macs have in Classic on a PC?

trying to get it to emulate any Pentium 4 or Althlon XP cpu would be joke, I can't see PCs going 64bit anytime soon in the mainstream anyway even if Intel surprise everyone and bring out a 64bit Pentium 5 or whatever at some huge clock speed.

The G5 is something to look forward to, the G4 is something to save for and buy because you know it exists, you know what it can and can't do and you're not going to be a sucker buying a REV A model of a new machine because the G4 as product is fairly mature now so any issues are either dealt with or detailed info is available about them.

I was totally stung when I bought my Beige G3, I bought it the month the B&W G3s were released, thinking it HAD to be a new model being a 300Mhz DT, it wasn't, it had a production date of late '97, a REV A motherboard, a lame Rage II+ graphics card, limited memory compatability and no slave support on the HD controller. If any of those things were classed as a fault I would have demanded my money back right away. You don't get any of these issues with a machine that's been in development for a few years, VERSION 1.0 of anything isn't always good.

None of this has put me off getting another mac when I can afford one. It's made very cautious of plonking down large sums of money on Apple computers if I don't fully know the spec. I didn't even know about REV numbers at the time. All I knew was that in the UK, by the time the 300Mhz G3 DT was out, magazines had already mentioned the fact that all new models came with a Rage Pro, could add a second EIDE hard disk and all the desktops would accept 256Mb DIMMs. All I can say on the name of the mac dealer is that were swallowed up by a much larger company that sound a bit like Can Con, I hope they can't personally. I know I'm drifting into anger here, but it's just one story against the idea of buying the first version of anything. Apple are very open about the specs of their machines, but at the time I was buying my G3 I couldn't find out EVERYTHING about it until months after the warranty ran out. I suspect I was sold an overclocked 266 now.


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Jun 18, 2001
WestCost, USA
the G4

The G4 still has come life left in it and a lot of potential for improvement. I was reading an artical about the Motarola road map for the G4 and it sounds like that they are going to be keeping them arround for a while. OR at least in the Cosumer lever Macs. The new G4's will be far better than the old ones and can still be used in the Towers. The G5... not for a year... im betting. Big G4 upgrade for towers... 5 months. Low end G4's for the iMac's. The high-end G4's will be moved down to the iMacs later on once the G5 comes out.