I think my 4th MBP might be a keeper!


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May 24, 2005
Well if you've seen any of my previous posts, you'll know that I've had a few problems with the MacBook Pros. I'm now on my fourth 15" 2.4GHz machine.

Quick history...

1st MBP (week 23 build, Samsung LED panel)
- very noticeable yellow tint on bottom 1/3 of display panel
- constant kernel panics related to Airport.Atheros driver when running on battery power
- crooked return key

2nd MBP (week 23 build, Samsung LED panel)
- uneven backlighting on display panel, dark sections
- dead pixel centre of screen towards the bottom
- crooked return key

3rd MBP (week 23 build, Samsung LED panel)
- good display, but: major power management problems - would not hold its charge, kept discharging the battery at an abnormally fast rate during sleep and even when switched off. even when the battery was swapped out for a new one!
- rocking trackpad button that was noisy and kept sticking
- lid made a grating noise when trying to open/close it
- one of the holes in the left speaker grille not punched all the way through
- crooked return key

And now this one:

4th MBP (week 26 build, Samsung LED panel)
- perfect display! (had a little worry with the scrolling bands thing but it's fixed itself)
- no kernel panics so far!
- no battery/sleep issues so far!

The only problems I've had with this one so far are:

- A keyboard freeze when waking from deep sleep - it wouldn't work for about a minute or so
- Last night it spun a beachball and the whole system froze up such that I couldn't even force quit anything and had to restart by holding the power button down. This along with a couple of Safari crashes really pissed me off but not had any troubles since then
- I'm only getting around 2hrs 45 mins battery life - this is running on wireless with just Safari and iChat open; brightness around 3 pips from max.

Apart from the not-so-great battery life (under 3 hrs) :confused: and the weird freeze-up it's working rather nicely, the display is awesome and it's cosmetically perfect (the return key is *still* a tad wonky but I've come to expect that!)

I've just been sitting outside in the sunshine on my roof terrace with it and this is the first notebook I've ever used where I can actually read the display outside! :cool:

LOVING IT! :) :) :) I think this is finally a machine I can use!

...now let's hope I haven't just jinxed anything...


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Hurrah! Really pleased for you :D

Don't worry about the battery life, it's not that great and without turning down the display (or having it on Auto, that's what I've settled with) you're probably not going to get much more.

You've had a lot of Samsung panels, haven't you! Quite incredible really, I wonder what percentage of each type Apple is using.

Anyway, yes, all good - enjoy, and well done for sticking out some really irritating issues. I hope you're finding the result worthwhile!


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Jun 18, 2007
In a Galaxy Far, Far Away
Well I have been following your MBP problems and I am truly happy you finally got a keeper. I just wished it hadn't taken you four tries, but now that is all behind you. Now you can relax and really start enjoying it. Congratulations!!:)


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May 24, 2005
I was getting about 4 hours on average from the first three so I do find it a bit strange that this one only gets 3 hours, or in fact more like 2hrs 45 mins. Am running the same apps etc.

This one is great though, apart from that weird freezing thing.

Different SuperDrive in this one too, it's an LG; I'm pretty sure the others were all Matshita.

Gonna use it for a couple more days just to be safe though, before I order that 4GB RAM :cool:


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Jul 12, 2007
congratulations! its good to see that you've found a good macbook pro.

i feel like i won the lottery with mine, just got it wednesday and no problems thus far, but its good to know apple cares about its customers... wishful thinking incase i actually have a problem